Market #63: Baby Blue 10102 Sprint project

Update 2/10/09: This poor bugger just showed up on italian eBay with a fresh nose job!

3124_1I guess moving to the old country didn’t agree with it.  Shame, it was such a straight, original car.

Update 12/1/08:  This car ended, reserve met for $12,100 with 9 bids.  I forcast $12,500 so I guess my sense of the value of these cars must be getting better.  Having the first crack at a car like this would be fun, making it run and drive before doing any major work.  I bet the new owner will tear it apart, loose half the pieces and despair when the bill to repair the head is $1400 then put it on ebay after 10 years sitting in a wet climate under a blue tarp- aren’t I the optimist this morning.  Actually I would love to hear from the new owner about their plans for this remarkably original car.

Giulietta Sprint 10102*158890, Engine 00102*24926. This car is on eBay right now out of Florida. Fusi lists this as a 1961 Sprint from right in the middle of that years numbers. Rusty trunk corner aside, this is probably about the nicest Sprint project I’ve seen since the dark blue eyebrow car that was the subject of Market #9.

sprint noseBright-work is very straight and nice. The little bit of rash on the hood is probably from a blue tarp trapping water against this panel and the roof.

sprint quarterPanel fit is great and the original paint even looks pretty good except for the roof. If the roof was about the same as the trunk lid I’d be tempted to leave it alone. Note the missing ‘airplane’ trim on the trunk lid and the presence of license plate lights on the bumper. European cars got the chrome square to mount the license plate. In the US we got four rubber grommets seen here.

rusty sprint cornerThe exit wound. Water has to find a path and with this car it probably made its way through a body seal somewhere and settled to the low spot where it pooled, in this case the corner of the trunk. This car probably sat on a flat drivers rear tire and that’s why this corner gathered water and rusted out. Get ready for some fabrication.

sprint door panelWow, the best original door panel I’ve ever seen. Note the condition of the paint in the door jambs and on the dash. A quick respray in the original color and you’re good to go.

dashNothing much to do here except polish and mend. That steering wheel is very nice. Rear view mirror needs resilvering, but this can be done pretty cheap if you call around. Foam has left the seats but the covers look useable. 34,710 miles indicated.

headlinerHeadliner is in great shape, I’d just paint it and be done. I bet the dome lights could be made to work without much fuss.

engineEngine probably would run with a little effort but new clutch, bearings, rings and head gasket would not be expensive for a DIYer and would inspire greater confidence than living with the unknown.

scuttleThis is a clean car. I would love to have this car and to slowly bring it back. A lovely, patina’d original car could be made out of this.

underallesSeldom seen angle on the Giulietta Sprint. Surface rust should be arrested.

This car reached $9500 almost immediately. If it was an eyebrow car I’d say it would make $20,000, as a later 101 1300 Sprint, I think it will see maybe $12,500. If you are considering a Sprint as a nice addition to your stable this might be the car for you.

Aaron, maybe this is the one?


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