Market 60: Another Sprint Veloce Allegerita, this one with Targa Florio history

Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Allegerita’ 750E1493*04347, engine 1315*30526, Bertone 77468. This car is available right now for 68,000 Euro’s ($85,000 on November 19, 2008) from various sources in Europe but I found it at Steuel. The advertisement text is available below and includes pieces of the cars history the new owner will no doubt have fun verifying and elaborating on. I contacted the owner directly about the car and he provided me with the numbers and an offer of further information should I require it. I have no doubt any information required to help a potential buyer will be provided without hesitation.

In contrast to yesterdays SVA this car has been thoroughly refinished and prepared inside and out for racing without for cutting any corners and with no piece untouched. As can be seen below, the engine compartment underside and suspension are all in top condition. The Conrero connection and Targa Florio history should add quite a bit to the price of this car, but other than maybe a picture I doubt much evidence of those days still exists in the car.


This car looks like a new car and I suppose one could say to all intents that it is a new car.  Wheels appear to be current reproductions.  Without being specific I’ll just say this car looks right- everything fits together well and has a unified level of detailing.


I guess these trunk hold-downs are required for racing.  Trim below the doors keeps the car from looking like an amorphous white blob.  The roll cage looks pretty serious.  Note there is no round Alfa badge on the trunk, more in  the spirit of a lightweight.  Not sure how I feel about the racing stripe, but I’m sure it’s effective for identifying your car out on the field when track-side.

Ad text reads: “VELOCE LIGHTWEIGHT. A true lightweight Veloce, after being prepared by Virgilio Conrero and contending Targa Florio in 1957 it was first road-registered in Portugal with Mocar company, later known for the Portugese Alfa Romeo assembly plant. Mister Moreira from Lisboa took great care of this racing Veloce and finally in 1989 sold the car to a German collector, who fully rebuilt the Veloce to Historic Racing specifications. After changing hands once more its engine was rebuilt in Switzerland with the famous Vetter garage in 2005. Now, with all racing parts coming with the car, the Veloce is partly set up for road use again, and refitted with most of its original road interior. Softer road-springs were fitted, and all the special suspension parts and the beautiful made racing engine are freshly over-hauled, it run like magic! A rare occasion to have this very special Veloce Lightweight in our shop, and it is for sale! It comes with FIA documents, road registration, and full history! Ready to be enjoyed and welcomed at all major events.”


Interior looks great.  If it were mine I’d do away with the roll cage and have it a dedicated street car, but it’s nice to have the option.  Steering wheel is pretty sweet.  I wonder if the seller has the original lightweight seats?  They are specific to these cars and it’s impossible to get originals.


It’s good to see I’m not the only one with this trunk prop.  Expensive aluminum spare hold-down is present as nicely detailed jack.  Fuel pump in the trunk is smart, no need to go under he car if a problem is suspected.  Spare appears to be the same alloy wheel as the rest.


Green Cavis 5mm spark plug wires, 750 intake manifold, 40DCO3’s, correct plenum and air-box, original heavily patina’d build plate.  Very nice.  This car should have all Marelli electrical components but I see a Bosch regulator, which probably indicates a Bosch generator.  If this were my car I’d have just gone with a modern lightweight alternator if I was going to stray from stock.


Someone spent some time making this engine compartment look good.  I like the Bakelite valve cover bolts even though they are not original (at least I don’t think they are…).  Note the head chamber bolts have been welded up beside the spark plugs, a common problem here is oil getting through porous castings.


This looks great.  Not so clean you’re afraid to drive it but tidy and well set up.  I’m not sure but I suspect the lower control arm pivots are new.  Koni shocks are a nice touch.  Veloce oil pan is precious on today’s market.  That red thing is the tow hook.


Again clean and well done.  Those metal covered lines are the emergency brake cable.  That differential housing looks as good as the one on my bench for my SS.  Fuel tank is the high volume Veloce item.

Two SVA’s in two days.  Both have significant histories, both are in pretty good shape.  Is it the economy?  I can think of several other VERY interesting Alfa’s from this period for sale right now.  Of the two SVA’s I’ve written about this week the one I would buy of the two is a LOT less expensive than the other.  The fact that this car has been on the track recently means everything is likely to work.  I call this car a very good buy that will probably be bought by a speculator and resold for more next year.

Hey Bart, I’ll give you $20,000, my SS project and my 59 Sprint Normale… lets make a deal!  One can dream…


2 thoughts on “Market 60: Another Sprint Veloce Allegerita, this one with Targa Florio history

  1. I love it but it’s more than I can afford :(

    I’ll be happy to settle for a 750 “eyebrows” spint normale, if anyone knows of a “club concours” quality on for sale…

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