Market 59: Ex-Swedish royal family Sprint Light-weight 750E 04067

Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Alleggerita’ 750E 1493*04067, Engine 1315*30393. Available right now from our friends and neighbors at Fantasy Junction is this neat Sprint. Made in 1957 for the Prince of Sweden, this light-weight Sprint Veloce (SVA) has seen 32,219 KM’s since new if it hasn’t gone around once, in which case, even 132,219 is only about 82,000 miles. In the world of Sprint Veloce’s it really doesn’t get much better than this unless unashamed period race damage and accompanying provenance or utter originality is your thing. This car has changed hands a few times over the last year, not sure why, but if the declines in my 401K are any indication I can make a guess.

While I will whole-heartedly endorse this car I have to air a major gripe: this car was is VERY GOOD original paint recently, I mean, probably the BEST original paint one could find on any Sprint, much less an SVA. Now I’m all about the rights of ownership and all but I can only imagine what the twins on antiques roadshow would say if this was a seriously expensive piece of furniture that lost 90% of its value because it was refinished. One doesn’t OWN a car like this, one is CONSERVATOR of a car like this. There should be someone who grants permission for you to paint this car.

sprint veloce lightweight noseIs a lightweight still a lightweight if it’s not lightweight? Lightweight or not it’s a beautiful car! Small headlights with aluminum trim rings are sort of wasted on a car with a heavy grill and chromed bumper. I bet those fog lights are a few pounds each.

sv-above-frontThis is the same blue that features prominently on the Swedish flag which makes sense since this car was ordered by the Prince of Sweden.

sva back 3 quarterThe way the taillights look in this picture is reminiscent of its cousin the Sportiva. Note heavy chrome back bumper, perfectly off-setting the weight savings of the aluminum trunk lid.

airplane-saluminumThe trunk ‘airplane’ here is aluminum which is pretty cool, however I imagine any weight savings is negated by the Swedish crest on the license plate.

trunk-badgesUsually lightweights have only the black cloisonne part of this emblem, but this car got the two-thirds treatment and has the outer hoop as well. Another 40 grams saved! I like the dark brass look of the ‘Sprint Veloce’ script. I can’t wait until the new ‘Sprint’ script on my Sprint darkens up.

back-svNice looking backside for a 51 year old. The trunk lid doesn’t seem to fit as well as it should, probably a by-product of having been apart for a repaint.

pass-doorToo cool, hollowed out door with sliding plexi windows supported by delicate aluminum frames. I’m not sure if the door handle is aluminum, but it ought to be if its not.

interior-1Welcome home!’ The original ‘biscuit’ interior is slightly shabby next to the new paint, but then you expected that. This is a great color combination, I’ll have to emulate it on something in the years ahead.

speedoThat’s a VERY nice speedometer if it’s original. Whether 32K Km or 132k Km this car is nice.

build-plateThe magic number ‘750E’ combined with a *77xxx* Bertone body number equals Sprint Veloce Alleggerita. I suspect this is a newly stamped repro plate as originals were stamped a little harder, but the font is right and there is the right amount of corrosion around the screws that it just might be a really nice original one.

engine-1Engine compartment is tidy, but for the price of entry, I’d expect A+ work, not a solid B. Engine is reported to have been rebuilt with the 1400cc kit. Another affront to originality.

engine-4Geez, even my humble Sprint has 5mm Cavis green spark plug wires. Valve cover bolts are lightweight originals at least.

under-backSloppy work really. Overspray, a cheap non-original style exhaust system, tired rebound straps… I could go on. I say 132,219. My Sprint looks way better than this on the underside and it’s pushing 120,000 miles and I’ve never plucked a clod or hay stick out from under it.

front-wheel-2The suspension seen here is crustier than the pieces I pulled off my crappy SS. I’d believe 32,219 Km’s of dirt roads.

My tone above sounds negative as it should, this was a fantastic original car that I lusted after when it first came on the market. It has since had a freshen-up of dubious quality, the result of which has seen it change a few hands over the last year. I don’t fault Fantasy Junction, they simply add their mark up to what the seller wants to get for a car and then market it. It’s not their thing to do a bunch of detail work unless it’s one of their cars, but for what they stand to make if this car sells for $225,000, I’d think they would have turned someone with a careful hand loose on it for a day or two and get the underside looking as good as it could look.

There is a discussion about this car on the Alfa BB and many of the points I make were also made there. Don’t get me wrong, this is a little elbow grease away from being a GREAT SPECTACULAR FANTASTIC car but it is not the car it was when it first left the hands of its long-time Swedish owners, that car was Pebble Beach preservation class material, this car is local small town car show material. On the bright side, I’d have had a hard time wringing the car this used to be out on a back-road with caution, like the exhaust note, in the wind, but now, who really cares if you scuff it up, just keep your muddy boots off my original biscuit carpet. In fifty years this paint will look fine if it holds up like old paint does, but now that Pandora’s box is open, this car will probably see new paint every 8 – 10 years to keep it looking fresh as we all know how crap new paint is.

Value… that sore spot… I think someone will step up to this car, maybe not at $225,000, but perhaps in the $150-180,000 range. $225,000 will get you race provenance along with your shiny paint and charm or an SZ that needs a little love, the same sort of love this car will need. I’ll keep my eye on this one and hope it goes to the right home.


4 thoughts on “Market 59: Ex-Swedish royal family Sprint Light-weight 750E 04067

  1. Thanks for providing your honest opinion — it’s a great and very informative counterpoint to the sales hyporbole in the FJ website.

    — Per

  2. Great writeup about the car; you raised some really great points…originality vs “restoration”
    We featured this car on some time ago before the current owner gave it to fantasyjuction to market it.
    We had spoken to the owner about some other car matter and he mentioned he was selling this car and the Steve MacQueen Siata (which we also featured). The price that fantasyjuction is asking isnt far from what he said he wanted then…we will see what becomes of the car.

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