Pedal Pushers Pull-over rally 2008 Wrap-up

The Pedal Pushers Pull-Over Rally ran yesterday, November 15th and a lot of fun was had. The event started in an Oakland city parking lot behind Peet’s coffee on Fruitvale and made it’s way to the Warehouse in Port Costa, with 160 miles of scenic California back-roads in between. Focus of the rally is vintage sports and touring cars and a strong contingent of each was present, with some little French cars thrown in to keep everyone smiling.

On my Event Photo’s page is a full set from the drive. If you have a set of photos from the drive hosted somewhere I can link to let me know at

california-backroads-finestIf you are shivering in Minnesota right now wondering what the weather and scenery is like in Northern California here’s your glimpse. This picture was taken on the civilized northern stretch of Morgan Territory road where and Pedal Pusher Citation Bait’s 1972 Fiat 124 Sport sedan chased a string of cars including a ‘Conrero-ized’ Giulietta Spider, Porsche 356 and Colli Super Wagon among others.

greg-morgan-pierceAn unofficial Benicia High School class of 88 89 90 reunion took place with myself, class of 1990, being joined by Trevor, class of 89 driving my 1972 Alfa Berlina and Greg, class of 88 and wife Pierce seen here in their 59 Morgan. The view from the finish line in Port Costa, is Benicia and we reminisced about the good old days.

pedal-pushersCitation Bait sports her signature big cuffs at the drivers meeting before we set off for the Oak lined Shady lanes. The gist of the drivers safety speech: “Be cool, it’s not a race.”

martin-and-larryMartin smiles big for the camera, while Larry tries to pretend he’s not having a good time as they over-take us in front of King Water.

roadside-hijinxEveryone is having a good time and even a roadside pause to check out a mysterious old car noise turn into a chance to hang out and make new friends.

rod-rod-and-ami-6Jay Ward’s sweet Hot Rod sits next to the smokey AMI 6 while my Berlina tries to get some air time. I think this may be the only evidence I have of this cars presence on the drive.

s-duettoThe Glenn-Keisling’s never fail to show up in well-polished sports cars, usually Alfa’s. If I had been thinking I would have gotten Christine Rotolo to park the red Spider in the background next to the Giulia SS so I could get an ‘Italian Flag’ shot.

warehouseLuigi and Aaron discuss the beer selection at the Warehouse in Port Costa. The weather was slightly balmy and under the pink sunset everyone shared stories of squirrel avoidance and the exhaust stink of the cars in front of them.

The turnout was better than expected with well over 50 cars at the starting line and probably 40 at the finish. Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan turnout was strongest, even out-numbering usually ubiquitous BMW 2002’s, with 6, including Conrad’s Promiscua. I think the success of the rally means the Pedal Pushers will make it an annual event so save the date for next years event. This makes me think I should do a tour.

If you are reading this and have an old car and haven’t gone on one of these local tours I recommend joining the fun. From the Motherlode 400 to the Snowball to the Berlina Register drive to the California Melee to the Giulietta Jaunt and to this, the Pedal Pushers Pull-over rally there are lots of opportunities for good times. Get out there and drive.


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