Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS ‘Leight 00002’ Low-nose

Elmar, my European correspondent, sent me a link to Classic Motor Action in Belgium (who is currently offering a Fiat 8V that is spectacular!!!), telling me they had Low-nose SS number 2 in their archive of cars they had sold at auction, sure enough they do. d’Amico and Tabucchi say of this car “Machino presso il servizio esperienze principali”. I’m not sure of the nuance of the Italian language but I suspect they mean this car was put to work by the factory for testing, shows, journalists etc. It’s good to know it exists as it is truly the second SS made behind 00012 and before 00006.

alfa-romeo-guilietta-ss-leight-1-00002Definitely a low nose. I wonder how old this picture is? Notice the similarities to 00001 below. I assume the title ‘leight’ means it is aluminum.

1957-alfa-sprint-speciale-redThis is 00001, for sale on Hemmings right now (and soon to have a post of its own). Note the ‘Japanese Market’ placement of the mirrors way up on the fenders. Also note the side light placement, near where the Bertone emblem usually sits, 00002 has it in this position also. d&T describe 00001 as ‘Definita alleggerita’.

alfa-romeo-guilietta-ss-leight-2-00002Back to 00002. Not much changed between this early car and the production versions one usually encounters. The door panels have an interesting shape to the gray inset. Steering wheel is a wood-rimmed accessory. Early pictures of this car show the rear view mirror mounted at the top of the windshield in the ‘modern’ position we all use today.

alfa-romeo-guilietta-ss-leight-3-000021Notice the trunk is a hatch that doesn’t overhang like the ‘normal’ SS’s. Also note the lack of weld lines along the lower edge of the Kamm tail. Side spears are aluminum and don’t have the cat-eye style reflector built into the end.

Someday I will track down and buy one of these early cars but for now I will continue to work on 00413 and dream.


7 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS ‘Leight 00002’ Low-nose

  1. Dear Author.
    My name is Dimitrios Spyropoulos and I live in Greece. Due to the fact that I was general manager of Lancia, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, an Italian car enthusiast and a trader for many classic and rare cars like Ferrari Maserati, Lamborghini and Porsche I was invited to see a described Alfa Romeo from the 50’s. It comes up that the car is an early Alfa Romeo SS and from your descriptions it is one of the 101 pre-production cars. Unfortunately the car confused me in the beginning because the front (nose) has been modified and looks like a Duetto Spider but the rest of the car and especially the rear of it which is original shows that the car is an early model. I also noticed that the rear side windows and the back window are plastic. The story gets even better where the children of the deceased owner have told me that the car raced and won an African rally but not sure which one and when did that happen.
    Tomorrow I will have the numbers of the body and the engine (if I will be able to find the engine number) and I will take pictures of it.
    Please send me an e-mail in order to post these pictures to you.
    I would like to mention as well that the car is for sale.
    Kind Regards

      • Hi Demetrios,

        Interesting that you’ve come across this early SS. I have one of these cars, and would like to know as much as possible about the others out there. Any chance you could put me in touch with the seller, or email pictures to me? My address is deleted by admin…. Many thanks.

  2. Dear Matt…a few days ago I sent you pictures of the car. As well it is a matching numbers with the engine (00029) did you receive them???

  3. Not related, but do any of you guys know if there is an archive for Lancia Automobiles, where I can find the order/build sheets for a 1960 or 1961 Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina Coupe?

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