Market #58: Very Rough incomplete 56 Sprint

Update 12/2/08:  This car reached $3650 with 24 bidders before ending reserve not met.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this car.  As I mentioned before, I am interested in it, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger yesterday while looking at those floors, knowing I have been too chicken to go for it on my SS that doesn’t need this much.

Update 11/25/08: This car is now on eBay. A trunk lid (courtesy of me) and rear glass have been added along with more detailed pictures of the floor and trunk rust. A project for the brave. Opening bid is a realistic $1956 compared to the $6950 asking that was lowered to $5950 when it was on CL. Original engine number for this car was 1315*03053. I may actually bid on this thing.

Giulietta Sprint AR 1493*03146, Engine 1315*40174. This car is available now on Craigslist out of Newport Beach from Fastcars of California. According to Fusi this car was made late in 1956 and the engine came in an early 1956 Spider. These early column shift Sprints don’t come up for sale often and it is doubtful many were made.

This car is likely to define the bottom of the market for early Giulietta Sprints. I’ve seen worse cars being tackled by enthusiasts but those cars are usually purchased for very little money so the first resurrection phase brings their investment up to about this cars starting asking price.

leftfrontTusk style bumperettes are odd and give the car a less than sporty makeover. All in all the trim is there and not too bad but the shape of the front looks to me like it has been pushed in a little.

leftsideIs it the lack of a rear window and trunk lid what makes this thing look bad? Is it the lower body trim being misaligned? Is it the high-sprung suspension? It’s hard to say but part of me keeps saying ‘It’s no that bad’.

rear1Here is where it goes south. The rear is fairly straight for a Sprint, having only been lightly tapped throughout its life. I have the missing glass and a genuine Sprint Veloce trunk lid for this car… maybe I should buy it.

trunkThis is not so good. The trunk floor can be had, as can a bumper and other little stuff, but even the frame rails are a 50% gone here. Time to learn to weld.

rightrear2This side looks better than the other. Lower trunk corners look a little crunchy with rust. I think that’s an early GT wheel. These are my favorite tail lamps for a Sprint.

floorPassenger door panel is trying not to fall out of the hole where the passenger seat used to be. How does that much floor disappear?

rightrearunderThe exit wound from another angle. Open rockers appear to have been pretty good at not rusting.

dashnseatsThe dash on these early Sprints doesn’t come apart like that on the later Sprints. It’s all working on your back getting everything fixed up in there. Steering wheel isn’t horrible. Switches, knobs, controls etc are all where they are supposed to be.

enginerightEverything is still hooked up and who knows, maybe a squirt of gas would fire it off. Plan on a $5000+ rebuild.

vinnumberAnd for the number trackers. I suppose I should ask for the Bertone number…

Was I too hard on this car? I don’t think it’s as bad as all that. This is the EXACT Sprint I want to get when my SS is done and by the time I’m done with my SS I probably will have developed the skills necessary to make this car happen. Maybe I should see how much it would take to buy this and set it aside for later, especially considering I have most of the parts it needs. Maybe the seller would trade for a good running/driving Berlina!


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