Giulietta Sprint 101 1300 Engine rebuild part 2: depths have been plumbed and the ascent begins.

I have a good honest tired accomplished feeling tonight. I spent about 5 hours on the bottom end of the 101 1300 engine that is going back in the Sprint and I got a lot done.

I brought the 1400 kit I bought along with the head to Glenn Oliveria, local Alfa engineer par excellence and driver of a neat column shift 750 series Giulietta Sprint race car, to get some advise. He measured a few things, thought about it and decided the head had been milled .040″ already and would require a .010″ skim, in addition to a valve job, to be ready for action. He explained what was involved to use the 1400 kit, chamfering the head, measuring valve to piston top clearance, measuring tdc combustion chamber volumes to calculate compression and balance the compression across all 4 cylinders. Oh, and peening the rods might not be a bad idea. Long story short, a $1000+ machining bill would be paid to make the 1400 kit work so I am going to go stock 1300cc 9.1 to 1 compression ratio piston liner set for the Giulietta Sprint.

1300 crud trapThese holes are about 2 inches deep. When I first started cleaning this up they were barely visible. Lots of crud had gotten in here over the years. I used a drill bit to help auger it out then washed them out. Nice and clean now.
Two days after Glenn checked out the head and piston set I brought him the crank and block. Another session with the micrometer ensued and he declared them both fit for use as-is with only some cleaning tasks to be done. He showed me the crank from another Sprint he’s working on and it is dull and unpolished. Too bad no one will ever see the shine of my crank once it’s back together except these pictures. Oh well.

1300 crank inClean clean clean! I just put the new main bearings in the block and set the crank in. A keen observer will see three oil pans in the background. Left to right is a barely visible one-piece aluminum pan that is going to become very good friends with this block soon, an 00120 101 veloce oil pan that is destined to keep the oil where it belongs in the SS and the original steel pan that was in the Sprint this engine is going back in. It has the gated pick-up box like the Veloce pan but has a lot of dents and deformities so it will sit on the shelf in my space until I die and someone else gets to decide its fate.

cap with ears 1300 Giulietta This is the center main cap with ears that an oil pump pick-up mounts to. Part number almost looks binary.

lower timing chain 1300 giuliettaOnce all the caps were in place I started on the front cover. The gasket set I bought came with 2 of the gasket on the left and neither was the right one. I ended up adjusting one to make it work. More binary part numbers visible here.

flywheel side 1300 giulietta engine 101Here is the oil galley on the flywheel side of the engine. Rear main seal is new as is the gasket for the metal cover that is present in the next picture. There are two nut plates that the flywheel bolts thread into and I installed these flywheel bolts to keep them where they belong.

1300 101 transmission spacerHere is the same area with the galley cover and transmission spacer installed. The flywheel is waiting in the wings but it may make the engine stand balance precarious so I will wait until the pistons and liners are installed to install it.

img_6783These marks need to be lined up so that the cams and crank pulley align correctly. I suppose one could figure out how to set up the cams if it was off, but there is no sense in not doing it right.

There you have it, the bottom end is coming together and once I have the piston and liner set I can finish it up. Still to do is the clean up of the oil pan, dropping the head off for a valve job, complete with guides that can have oil seals, and countless other tasks that I’m not even aware of yet.

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