Market #57: New Delhi $50K ’59 Spider Veloce

Update:  If you scroll down to the comments you will find a comment by the owner of this car.  This auction is a scam, no doubt about it.  Makes me wonder a few things…  What possible gain is there in running this scam auction?  I don’t think there are very many buyers interested in this car who exist in a vaccuum as it were, who would buy without telling any other Alfa owners or asking around for verification that it is a Veloce, correctly set up etc. 

I also wonder about eBay.  Granted, everyone knows they have postured themselves with policies to support high volume sellers of crap that bulk up search results but add little of value to the discerning buyer, probably to increase traffic and there-by perceived company value (and stock price), at the expense of the little guy who is in reality selling the thing that most people go to eBay for.  I used to frequently sell on eBay to help pay for my hobby but between eBay fees and Paypal gouging policies I have all but given up.  Search on Alfa Romeo, I bet the items you express interest in are sold by low volume individuals, the very people eBay policy is the least sympathetic to.  On top of this is the fraud auction problem.  There should be an internal listing review audit that sees an auction like this with high buy it now price, little information given and a no-feedback seller that goes through a verification process before the auction goes live.  This sort of auction makes ebay look bad. 

It’s time for a dedicated auction site for classic cars and car parts for and by the little guys.  I have some ideas if your interested in going for it.

Currently on eBay is this 1959 Giulietta Spider Veloce.  Entire text of ad reads as follows:

“Alfa Romeo 1959 Giulietta Spider, very rare car only 2800 made ever.  Only serious buyers contact.  Scammers do not bother to contact.  Car in excellent condition.  Not driven in over a year now.  Serious buyers contact for further details.  Will have to meet in person for completing the deal.  Thanks for looking.”

3814_1Doesn’t look too bad, but then again, with picture resolution like this is could be one of those high quality scale models coming out of Italy now.

Starting bid is $50,000.  As an auction this is pathetic so I will assume this is not meant to be an auction, rather an international classified advertisement.  Even as a simple interest gathering exercise not much of the potential to showcase the car is being used.  Who has a $50,000 Spider Veloce but doesn’t know what potential buyers will want to know and see?  On the other hand,  I doubt it’s a scam based on the desire of the seller to meet the buyer but I could be wrong.  Anyone out there know this car?


4 thoughts on “Market #57: New Delhi $50K ’59 Spider Veloce

  1. I own this car. I bought it in September of ’07 and this image is one that the seller was using at the time. No doubt a scam.


  2. Matt,

    I say go for it. You have demonstrated your skills at website building and Alfa knowledge. I agree, there is a market for a transportation only swap site, maybe one kinder to buyers and sellers. Remember, Ebay started as a marketplace for cabbage patch dolls or the like.


  3. I Too feel there is a need for a site for the “little Guy”. Would you limit your site to Alfas or sports cars or would it be for the general car loving public?
    I feel there is a need for all three categories in separate listings but at this time I do have a very nice ’81 Lancia Beta coupe that is for sale but I am at a loss where to advertise it.

    • I unfortunately am on thin ice with Alfa’s as it is. My Lancia experience extends to a year with a Fulvia. Place to advertise a Beta coupe? Besides the obvious eBay/craigslist/hemmings, maybe bringatrailer would list it? Is it the T top or a true coupe? Those are pretty cool cars, though with California smog laws, probaly better suited for another state.


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