Market #56: British ‘Style et luxe’ Giulia SS

Giulia SS AR10121*380784, Engine 00121*00722. This car is available here now for 44,321 Euro’s, which at todays exchange rate is $57,387 (would have been $70,000 a few weeks ago!). Elmar sent me the link to this fine specimen which is described thus:

“1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Sprint Speciale with coachwork by Bertone. 1965. Rare RHD. Rosso with black hide. In the current ownership since 1979, this is a well known car having multiple concours awards to its credit as well as having been the subject of a number of magazine articles. The car also featured in last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed Cartier ‘Style et Luxe’ display. Very rarely found in this condition. Please telephone or e-mail for fuller details.”

Nice Nice Nice, especially after the Project featured a few posts ago. I’m not even going to try and critique this.

Look at how swoopy that front fender is. SSV is a good plate serial.

I’ve said it before… a detailed engine compartment is the clincher for these kind of cars. Nothing ratty here, no over spray, nothing missing, nothing wrong. Bravo.

If you are in UK and the SS market this car is probably well worth considering. If you do pop by for a peek drop me a line at or post a comment. I’d love to hear your reaction to the car.


3 thoughts on “Market #56: British ‘Style et luxe’ Giulia SS

  1. This car was featured in the 28 Dec – 23 Jan 2008 edition of Auto Italia, with many more photos and an excellent background story on development of the SS. It is/was owned since ’79 by the proprietors of an interior trim shop in Wiltshire.

    Curiously someone painted the air intake black subsequent to the magazine photos, and other engine compartment details appear to be not quite original. The interior is described in the article as being “sympathetic rather than slavish”, so perhaps that was the restoration philosophy overall. The later Alfa script on the back is certainly not right, but it must surely save many “what is that ?” queries.

    Nice car though, and the price seems right.


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