Alfa SS Project

This Giulietta or Giulia ‘Alfa SS Project’ was forwarded to me by Elmar who has seemingly volunteered to hunt down Vin numbers of SS’s for me in Europe (Thanks Elmar!!!) and I added several new SS’s to the register with his help.  The company that has this Frankenstein on their website also makes Alfa repair panels for SZ, GTA etc.  I suppose if all you have is the body, without any other parts, this sort of thing makes sense, and everyone would approach it differently so I can’t really criticize too much, but from the pictures it’s going to look like an SS body with a Spider nose and Milano wheels rather than some cool ‘ooh, what’s that’ special. 

I have long thought that a GTV or Giulietta roof on a Duetto would make for a neat special, but a Spider nose on an SS… not so much.

Looking at their SZ repair panels I’d think a replica of the Molteni low-nose would have been a better route than this.  It looks like they actually sectioned the hood into the lower windshield sill. 

Their description of the project:  “We started with a Milano 75 platform shortened the wheelbase to 92.5 inches and then mated the SS body from the windscreen back flaring the wheel arches for a wider stance. The front headlights are cut back and will have Plexiglas cover flush to the body’s skin.  The doors, trunk, and hood will be aluminum.  It will be a fairly stock 3.0l Milano with just a shorter driveshaft and some suspension upgrades.”

If they shortened it as they say in their description, it should handle a bit like an SZ, but with a Milano undercarridge… who knows what it will be like.  With a 3.0 Milano engine it will be zippy if nothing else.

How far have fallen the great…

Elmar certainly has found a contender for unhappiest SS in existance today, but I know of others that are worse.  At least it got this far without being melted down or allowed to rust away into oblivion.


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