Market #54: Luzzago Giulietta Sprint Speciale auction 11/15

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00687, engine 00129*29819 (not original). This car is going to be auctioned 11/15/08 at the Luzzago in Italy. The engine is from a Giulietta TI which seems funny, but once the original is gone, almost any 101 1300 can serve as a basis to build an 00120 spec veloce engine, you just have to verify what was done. I really like the look of the car, lowered and with all extra trim removed. I’m not crazy about the white wheels and some of the interior treatments, but that’s all easy enough to deal with.

Paint looks great, note there is little reflection distortion across body lines. Home-made grill is simple but effective.

This angle never fails to impress. I wonder why the windshield wipers are up. I like these marker lights, but the Duetto style ones are a little cooler. Front looks good without the bumper mounts.

Air ducts in the rear windshield are neat. Where can I get a plexi windscreen. Anyone? Rear body lines look great.

Rear end treatment is similar to this car. I don’t care for the Giulietta script by the license plate but could learn to live with it.

This might work for me since I don’t have the right window winders or any of the other door guts. I wonder if that is a fiberglass skin?

I really don’t like this style of steering wheel or those drilled out aluminum plate pedal covers but this stuff is all easy to change per the new owners taste. Everything else in here looks fine.

There’s your cage and harness mount points.

That intake manifold is the hard to find 1300 Veloce item (ask me how I know…). Even if it is a Giulietta TI engine it should be ok if built correctly.

So if your in the market for an SS racer that needs just a little fine tuning to suit your needs this could be a good way to go. If the paint is not hiding any problems and assuming it runs and drives pretty good this should be a not too expensive entry in to SS’s. The more I look at cars like this, the more I think I should go this route for mine.


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