Something about the devil and idle hands…

You know the beginning of Magnolia when the lady shoots a shotgun at her husband and misses him but hits her son who just jumped off the roof as he falls by the window? Well the pile of circumstances today wasn’t quite that profound but the result was pretty good. The story is something like this…

Possibly the most absurdly cute car ever. Don’t you just want to pinch its cheek?

My plan for the day was to swap out the dash in the Berlina for another crappy dash I found that doesn’t have a big dent from a tree falling on it and while I was swapping the dash I was going to patch any holes in the firewall to try and minimize the stink getting in the cabin. Anyhow, I was a few blocks from my house when my wife drove by so I followed her to say hey. The important result of this was that I ended up at a freeway on-ramp pointing west instead of east so I thought ‘what the heck, I’ll go to Berkeley and visit some friends this morning and get a window regulator from Andrew so when the dash is done I can fix the drivers window’. I was headed to my shop from Andrews house and saw a gorgeous red Giulia Super on a trailer parking in front of Conrad’s shop so I went around the block to stop and check it out. On thing leads to another and I’m driving Conrad and Christine to the ‘east bay car guy lunch’ in the Berlina. Leaving the lunch Conrad shows me the short cut to his shop through a neighborhood. We go a few blocks and a memory is sparked.

“There’s an old Fiat Multipla in a back yard right around here I saw a few years ago.” Following some enthusiastic responses and discussion about how indelibly the Multipla imprints itself on you once you see one we decide to go see if it’s still around. I quickly find the house and sure enough there is a Multipla behind a line of cars. We can see the owner in the house so we knock. An hour and a half later Conrad and I are loading the Multipla onto his trailer having split the purchase price. I guess we decided a Multipla has enough cool to have two owners, besides neither of us could commit to buy it on our own. I should interject here that my wife has absolutely pined for a Multipla since I’ve known her so I’m suspicious it will end up part of my stable.

There you have it, I now have a 50% stake in a Multipla. tomorrow I will start in fixing little stuff. BTW, does anyone out there have a 600 engine? I’d be more than happy to buy it!

PO had to move a lot of cars to exhume this poor fella.

Black plate is always welcome, especially when the documents to keep it are present. Note the ‘wrinkle finish’ engine-trunk lid. Fortunately it comes with a replacement.

Not only did Bob commute from Berkeley to Santa Cruz in this car for years, he was rear ended in the Caldacot tunnel in the 70’s in it. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of patina of such magnitude.

This is probably what’s under the lid of most Fiat 600’s in this country. I could fill this void with YOUR HELP, if you call now we’ll throw in this lovely messenger bag…

Ok, so the plot might suffer a little, but I’m going directly from as found backyard photos to lid replaced and washed photos. Not to worry, I’ll snap a picture now and then as it gets workd on.

Tempted by displacement we muse on the benefits of a 1436cc squeeze. Fortunately the less-is-more sentiment sets in and we decide if 600 was enough for the designer, it’s good enough for us.

Oh man, I think I figured out when and how most eBay car auction photos are created for really rough cars. No rust… yeah, right.

It’s all there and only worse for weather. Hopefully someone has Albert Mirror parts…

Multipla’s came stock with one whitewall, the rest were accessories and charged for as such.

Yes, I know, how am I going to fit this thing in my garage, schedule etc? I guess I’ll just have to pretend my resources are limitless and hope for the best. Up next: my new passion for Renault Fuego Turbos!


7 thoughts on “Something about the devil and idle hands…

  1. Dude, congrats! I’ve always loved Multiplas, and I can’t imagine a better person to find one that needs some fixin’. I’m sure you’ll get it on the road in no time. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding a motor and transaxle to drop in it. FUN FUN FUN!


  2. Ian — Do you know if that Pasadena Multipla is still there? I’d be interested in finding out if it is available for sale. Email me at ad8n @ gte . net.

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