Market #53: Late 1600 Giulietta Sprint

Update 1/5/09:  This car is still available and the seller is looking to get about $25,000 for it. 

Giulia Sprint 1600 AR357309. This car is available right now on eBay and bidding is currently $18,000 Fusi says this is a 1963 Giulia Sprint 1600, no engine number is stated but it was originally a Tipo 00112 probably about 08000. Bertone number is probably about 6530000.

I’ve seen this car before on the AlfaBB and the seller seems to have a handle on what these cars are about so I am confident this is a car that is as good as it looks.

These late Sprints are neat because they have the classic Bertone Giulietta Sprint shape combined with the updated components being phased in with the Giulia Sprint Speciale, Giulia Sprint Veloce (step-nose GTV) and Giulia TI.

Seller claims shiny paint and I can believe it from this picture. 5 of the 6 pieces of sill trim are included. While frequently seen in Europe and in parts books I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one of these license plate holders on a car in the USA.

eBay text reads: “Titled in 1964, Built October 1963 this is a Alfa Romeo Giulia. Alfa was phasing out the 101 body but this vehicle received the 1600 engine and the splitcase 5 speed gearbox. Most Alfa sources still refer to this as a Giulietta, using the Giulia designation for the later step-nosed version. The bodywork and paintwork were done in 1980, after which the car sat as a shell untill this year when it was reassembled. Rockers were replaced. Floors are original and very solid. All repairs appear to have been done in metal and leaded joints. The paintwork was never rubbed out untill this year. Front end completely rebuilt. Wheel bearings cleaned and repacked. 3 shoe drum brakes in the front rebuilt. 2 shoe rear drum brakes with new cylinders. Master cylinder rebuilt. Transmission has new sycros, rear differential dissassmbled with no defects upon inspection. New rear shocks and axle limit straps. Cylinder head removed, new cams and tappets. New timing Chain. Engine runs strong and Transmission operates flawlessly. New Clutch. New hoses and belts. New Exhaust complete. Oil pressure 50-55 PSI at operating speed. 20-25 PSI at idle hot. Generator rebuilt. DCOE40’s rebuilt and jetted. Vehicle originally equipped with Solex. Unsure of when conversion was done, however original Solex and manifold included for the buyer. New upholstery, carpets and headliner. New windshield seals (frt and rear) . Door window regulators, channels rebuilt. Front and rear bumpers rechromed, aluminum trim polished. New battery, 5 new Vredestrein Sprint radials. Car has been driven 140 miles since work commenced and has won 1st place in a local show. Needs Door sealing rubbers, On order. Temporary sealing works well for now. No rattles (seriously! surprised me too!) License plate lights, On order. Voltage regulator intermitant. On order. Radio lights, buzzes, no stations received. Grilles could use rechrome, but they polished up nicely. Paint has two small defects, but shows very well. Flat with excellent gloss. Car can be seen by appointment. Contact through email.” (Note, text was condensed and spell corrected).

I say keep the Alfa and sell the BMW. “Sprint Veloce” badge is funny not only because it’s not a Sprint Veloce, but also because there is no such thing as a Sprint Veloce in 1963 and a Giulia Sprint Veloce is a form of stepnose GT starting in 65.

I’ve said it before: I like the earlier dash layout better, but this is one of the nicer examples of this layout I’ve seen. I have the same steering wheel in my Sprint. Very nice!

Good color combo in the car with the red and gray, but the black door panels look a bit out of place. Are the high beams on in this picture?

Rust where the sill plate meets the jamb is not uncommon but this all looks good except the cruddy hardware holding the strike plate on. Wheels look nice, hubcaps are probably current repro’s.

I could use that intake set up for my Sprint and Sprint Speciale. Engine compartment is very tidy but not over-done. One of the best I’ve seen.

Another view of the good stuff. Vin plate is a new repro item. I like to see the originals when possible. Did people used to throw these away? I know where probably the first Spider Veloce 750 F original vin plate is so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that they get separated (it’s # 00040 if you are wondering).

This car looks almost as good as this car written about earlier so I think mid to high $20,000’s would not be out of the question money for it. With the financial markets going through a nuclear winter money for toys may not be as available as it was when I wrote about that other car, but if nothing else a nice old car is a tangible asset you could get your value out of through use if it loses all resale value. You never blink at the $400+ a month you spend on your ’05 3 series BMW and that’s money you might as well throw out the window at 84 mph. That money towards this is probably at least safe from major depreciation.

Go for it, you know you want it, just do it… did I miss any annoying catch phrases? I though so. Did I mention specialists say driving a nice old car is good for your blood pressure… must be, I’m 120 over 80.


4 thoughts on “Market #53: Late 1600 Giulietta Sprint

  1. Thanks for the article on my Sprint. Yes, the ‘Sprint Veloce’ badging is incorrect. The prior owner has bought it, and well, it just looked cool. I have the original badging for the new owner if desired. As it was a ‘Normale’ from the factory, this wasn’t too awful of a change considering the dual DCOE’s. The seat covers are black, a soft man-made leather that will wear better. I don’t know why they look grey in the pics, probably just a light issue. Car did not sell, my reserve was a very fair (in my mind) 25K. Anyway, the door seals are now complete, the rocker mouldings are on, sans one spear and the licence plate lights are on and correct. And the car does drive marvelously. It is all metal too, a rarity in Sprints lol. Thanks Again. Ben

  2. Dear Sir,
    I used to own a new 1600 Sprint and loved it. Persuaded to sell it when our first child was born. Guess by who ? ( Now diorced) This car looks like new. Is it still for sale ?
    Please let me know.
    Yours truly,
    Anders K Saether
    Oslo, Norway.
    0047 90612442

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