Market #51: 1964 Sprint rally/race car

Our friends over at bring a trailer have this car on offer from a collection in Southern California.  If it’s a 1964 it’s probably a Giulia 1600 Sprint.  The car is reported to have been a French market car which means it probably had a few oddities like a glass brake fluid bottle when it was new.  Alfa and Renault had a deal worked out that reduced the import tax on Alfa’s and allowed Alfa to make Dauphines and R4’s in Italy.  I’ll explore this relationship in a later post. 

This car looks like a pretty straight, lightly modified, used but not abused car that would clean up nicely and make a great driver.  Asking price is $30,000 which seems optimistic, but a trip to Orange County may find this car to be better than it appears and it probably has excellent provenance from its time on the track.

The absence of the egg-crate grills on this car makes it look tough.  I’d put some Cibie Oscars on either side of the grill heart.  All the visible trim and shut lines look good.  I like the orangy-red and would look forward to cleaning and polishing this car if I bought it.

Home-made appearing GTA style air box is neat as is the orange juice bottle coolant overflow.  Engine has GTA breather built into the oil fill cap.  Would be interesting to talk performance with the engine builder.  Engine reportedly runs.

I hate these steering wheels for how they look but appreciate their function on the track.  Pedal covers are similarly unsightly.  Both these items are easy enough to replace.  Other than that this interior looks original and good.

The rest of these cars, including a couple of other Alfas are available except the Jaguar.

It’ll be interesting to see if anyone springs $30,000 for a dusty ex race Sprint. 


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