2008 Andrew Watry Berlina Tour

Andrew Watry, keeper of the Giulietta Berlina, Giulia Sedan and Berlina registers, began putting together a Fall Berlina tour a few years back to encourage local Alfa Berlina owners to hit the backroads and exercise their often overlooked Alfa Sedans.  Well, with appreciation for Alfa sedans at an all time high (especially for the Giulia TI and Super) and Andrew welcoming all comers so long as they’re driving an appropriately interesting or old car, the event has grown.

Stopped for a photo op on Redwood road. 

The wife and I took part in the first stage of the drive in her 1972 Fiat 124 Sedan Special before breaking off to attend a birthday party.  The first stage took us through Berkeley up to Skyline, around an unexpected detour through Montclair to avoid a landslide, onto the always fun Pinehurst road (where all the drive-by photo’s were taken) to Redwood road which goes around the backside of the Oakland hills between Montclair and Castro Valley.

Nick’s Sprint Veloce is very nice and he drives it hard.

Very good showing for Giulia sedans, I think I counted six at one point.  Aaron’s TI in the immediate foreground had a catastrophic blue masking tape failure and was replaced by a BMW 1600 of similar vintage and Patina.

Rounding the hair-pin on Pinehurst road a TI is followed by another TI and a nice Giulia Sprint Veloce.

I think about 30 cars were present at the starting line.  I put the full photo set on Flickr and it can be accessed through my Event Photo’s page.


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