Market #48: 2L 57 Sprint revisited

Sold!  $23,102 is the winning bid after 16 bids.  I think this is the best price this car has acheived yet.  Will its reign of terror end or will we be seeing it again on eBay?  Time will tell.

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*04891 with 105 2 liter engine ‘AbNormale‘.  This car has been for sale since before I bought my first Sprint a couple of years ago and can presently be found on eBay.  I featured this car and another by the same seller in Market 26 and it doesn’t look like much has changed with this car.

You have to admit this car photographs well.  It’s straight, the trim is all present and it has a slightly agressive look to the way it sits.  Smaller 6 inch headlights are neat feature of these early Sprints.

These are my favorite tail lights for the Sprint series, though I like the all red American market lenses better.  All the trim on the back looks good and the panel fit is great.

While presentable and usable, the interior is all kinds of wrong.  The patterning is similar to this incorrect upholstery job from Market #10.  I actually like this carpet.  Look at the ovespray on the door strike.  It’s little loose ends like this that detract a lot for me.

70’s radio, 70’s Spider gear shift knob, I think that’s even a 70’s steering wheel (if anyone can identify it please leave a comment!).  Gauges are not too terribly yellowed.  Again, while presentable, there is a lot to do to make it correct.  I’m not sure what’s up with the gearlever rubber, I think there is a piece missing.  I wonder if it still has the 4 speed tunnel case trasmission.

I’m amazed by how many Giulietta’s I’ve seen with black headliners.  It doesn’t appeal to me, but it must have been the thing to do for a while.

A 2 liter engine does not go gentle into that good engine compartment.  I had a heck of a time getting the 1750 out of my Sprint.  I like the engine steady bar, it runs to a rubber mount on the fender well.  Carbs appear to lack any sort of air cleaner and to be mounted using the sketchy Spica to Webers manifold conversion.  Overflow bottle is 70’s Alfa.  Breather routing into the fender well is common.  Red steering column and throttle linkage tells you how careful the painter was in here.  Despite all this it must be a very fast car with that 2 liter!

More incorrect and so-so paint prep in evidence back here.  Trunk is supposed to be rough textured black in these cars.  Presence of correct lid prop is surprising.  Black rubber bungee battery hold down is not uncommon in these cars.  Trunk mat looks like early 70’s GTV or Berlina.

I like this car for about $15,000 – $18,000.  With some of the easier loose ends tied up it would be a lot more attractive, even at $20,000.  I could see it fetching $28,000+ if it looked just like this but had its correct 1300 with 4 speed, drum brakes and maybe a little closer to correct interior finish.  I doubt the seller has backed down from their desire to get about $24,000 so I imagine it will go unsold yet again.


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