Market #47: Restored Austrian Giulia SS

This 1964 Giulia SS is available here and here out of Austria.  I seem to remeber this car from somewhere else, but haven’t had time to go through my files to see.  No price is listed on Anamera and price is listed as inquire on the sellers website so it’s a safe bet they want top dollar for the car, maybe 50K Euro’s?

Very nice backdrop for a photo set.  Greens in the background really bring out the lustrous red body.  I don’t see anything wrong here.  That’s quite a billboard they put out front.

The bodywork and trim look very nice from this angle too.  This car is a good example of why so many were red.

Always a pleasing angle, the top-down-rear shot that shows the bulges over the wheels and highlights the slippery shape.  Panel fit looks perfect in this picture.  Back up lights are a little funky.

I don’t know if I could do this color interior.  It’s nice and all but seems like it would be hard to keep tidy.  Carpets even look a little spotty in this picture.  Dash looks great other than the big radio blank plate.  I’d rather see a nice vintage Becker in there.

Not too over done but clean and presentable none the less.  Did these cars originally have the Bakelite valve cover bolts?  Engine compartment paint looks to have been well-done.

This is why these cars are expensive to restore.  All these trim pieces were fit by Bertone to the individual car.  Any damage, any bodywork, and trim replacement requires extensive fettling to make everything work together.  Backup light is definitely funky! 

Ditto the words above.  The bracketry the bumper pieces mount to is flimsy and the faces the light trim rings mount to were not very well finished by Bertone.  To achieve this level of fit takes patience and skill.

Ad text translated by Google language tools reads: The Sprint Speciale “(SS) was originally designed for racing only. Lack successes and exorbitant high price windschlüpfrige became very exciting and especially beautiful Bertone creation soon to luxury coupe for the rich and the Beautiful and was on the boulevards in the world at home.

1959 appeared as the Giulietta Sprint coupe Speciale with the 1.3 liter engine and 100 hp, by his great aerodynamics for 200 km / h range. Until 1963 were 1,366 units built up by the SS Giulia with 1.6 liters and 112 hp engine was replaced. The 1.6 liter version emerged from 1963-65 1,400 copies.

The offered Giulia SS was until 2004 in Italy in first possession, and was then in Austria a comprehensive restoration. Since 2006, the Coupe in second possession, with a knowledgeable lover of old cars. This rare Giulia rassige and its future ownership is with much pleasure safety.






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