Market #46: Sprint project in CT with 00121 Veloce engine

Update 9/17/08.  Reserve not met at $5101 with 35 bids.  I made a pretty good estimate of the closing price this time and would have won big if this was ‘The Price is Right’.  I think the seller should take this amount.  This car needs a lot of expensive work and even though it has the later Veloce engine it will only in the end ever be an ‘Abnormale’ and not worth as much as a genuine unmolested matching-number example, which for these Normale 101’s is probably going to be south of $20,000 for a long time except for really choice examples.  Look for the string of disappointing follow up auctions…

Giulietta Sprint Normale 10105 1493*21372, Engine AR 00121*01522 (not original).  This 1959 Sprint is available now on eBay with a low starting bid.  Engine is a 1600 101 Veloce unit out of either a Spider Veloce or Sprint Speciale.  Connecticut is in the part of the country you normally associate with rusty cars but this car looks to be as free of rot as described.  I guess 34 years in dry storage paid off.

From this angle it doesn’t so bad other than a few scrapes and bumps.  Most trim is present and jacking points look good.

I don’t know that I would keep this hood spear placement, but at least you know it’s included.  Front end trim doesn’t look too bad.

Interior is only marginally tore-up so some of it may be reusable, especially the door panels.  Everything looks as it should be.

Here’s where things go south.  Ouch.  Yes, that’s a corner reflector mounted in the center.

It looks like someone started trying to massage it out but gave up when it was barely driveable.

The damage from the inside. 

Just a quick weld job away from blissful perfection, or at least viability.

Veloce engine looks good, with things hooked up as they’re supposed to be. 

Big money oil pan is present.  Note lack of rot under here.

This car is definitely a challenging project.  If it was crunched and rusty I would say it’s a parts car but the lack of rust and generally good condition of the components makes this car viable.  If I bought it I would go with a budget Veloce specification since it already has the late 101 Veloce engine.  I would say the engine is worth $3000 -$4000 as a core so the package should go for somewhere around $5000.  Good Luck!


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