Market #45: Straight-forward Giulia Spider Normale project

Update:  Sold!  Car closed with 28 bids, the high of which was $12,205.  A little higher than I thought it would go for, but given how original everything on the car is I am not really surprised. 

1962 Giulia Spider 101.03 AR370257, Engine 00102*30583.   On eBay now! Seller claims the car is a 1963 Giulietta 1300 Spider Normale, though according to the numbers Fusi indicates it’s a 1962 Giulia Spider.  Engine listed is a 1300 from a 1961 Sprint or Spider.  This car is firmly in the gray area known as interim cars.  It has the large Giulia type tail lights, earlier Giulietta gauges and no fake hood vent.  My knowledge of Spiders is limited so if any of you cares to chime in with a comment, please do.

The nose of this car is very nice, no real body work is required to make it straight.  Giulia’s usually have the fake vent on the hood, maybe this isn’t the original hood, or maybe the first year Giulias didn’t have the fake vent.

In this picture and the last you can see that the trim is in good comdition and probably only requires minimal work to be exceptional.  As usual, I’d be tempted to run it as is before going crazy tearing it apart and trying to restore it.

Seldom have I seen a Spider with a rear end this straight.  All that I see missing is the badge in the trunk lock and the Giulia badge from the lid, though, like the fake hood vent, maybe it didn’t have one.

Interior is typical for a project Spider, though the completeness is a little above average and there are none of the usual ‘bonuses’ like a Clarion cassette deck living in a big ugly hole in the dash.

Engine compartment is also above average in that I don’t see anything disconnected, missing or broken other than the exhaust manifold.  Description on the auction says the engine turns over so I bet it would run without too much effort.

There are a lot of good parts visible in this picture.  I would think some of this stuff could be traded for things the car requires.  Also included is a new exhaust system and complete floor and rocker rust repair sections.

This is one of the better Spider projects I’ve seen in a while and the bidding (15 bids for $8200 at time of writing) seems to indicate that I’m not the only one that thinks this.  I think maybe $10,000 would be a fair price to pay.  You will be into this car for a little more than it’s worth if you bought it for that and did a decent restoration.  Major detractor in some circles is the absence of the original engine, but for my money a 105 series 1600 or 1750 would make sense here since the 00102 1300 in the car is probably worth more than either of those engines and could fund the swap.


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