Sprint Veloce and Speciale oversized gas tank on eBay

Update:  Sold for opening bid of $299.  pretty good deal if you ask me!

Available here is a Giulietta Sprint Veloce, Sprint Speciale, and Sprint Zagato 84 liter (22.2 Gallon) gas tank part number 1365.85.722.  These gas tanks are a standard fitment racing item providing extra fuel capacity.  By comparison, standard Sprint (and Spider/Spider Veloce) gas tanks are 56 liters (14.8 gallons).  I haven’t seen many of these offered for sale in the years I’ve been keeping track of Alfa 750/101 series parts, so this is one of those parts that you should buy when you see it if you suspect you will eventually need it.  Adding one of these to your Sprint Normale requires modifications to the body and a group of other Veloce only parts and is thus no cake-walk. 

Tank looks very straight and clean on the outside.  The breather pipe, seen here running back to the filler neck requires a ridge in the trunk floor, making fitment in a Sprint Normale a challenge.

“You are bidding on Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce SS Speciale Gas Tank


It’s been sitting in back in Alfa garage for 30+ years, needs to be cleaned out really good. Original piece which includes fuel sender, gas cap, top part of insulating bands, inlet banjo bolt and brass drain plug

Sprint Speciale Sprint Veloce. 750 101.

It’s the larger tank.

Winner please expect an oversize parcel.
NO international shipping, sorry!”


Bottom appears to be dent and rust free.  The brass drain plug has a screen that is typically in bad shape and the female part of the thread is soldered into the tank and the lead tends to break down allowing gas to weep out. 

A close up of how the breather returns to the filler neck.  These caps seal using a very thick (at least 3/16″) sealing rubber. 

The extensions to the gas tank that fill the volume on either side of the differential housing can be clearly seen here.

I would assume the send unit needs replacing.  Fuel hard line banjo bolt can be seen sticking out on the top.  Felt (horsehair?) strap buffers are in useable shape.

It’s safe to say a few hundred dollars minimum would be required to prepare this tank for placement in your Giulietta so I think any more than about $600 would be expensive, but again, if you need one of these where are you going to find another -oh yeah, on my for sale page.



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