Market #43: Project Sprint on SF Bay Area Craigslist

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*08569, Engine 1315*05588 (not original).  This car is available at the time of publication here on Craigslist. A comprehensive photo set is available on Flickr as well.  It’s not clear how much the seller wants to get for the car, but I think $6000 is what someone who spoke to them said they wanted.

I think this car sold without the engine on Craigslist last year and if i remember correctly the asking then was $4000.

 Straight, attractive, somewhat complete and looking for love.  No, it’s not in the personals section.

The ad text: “I have two incomplete Alfa resto projects that have to go! The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint finally makes financial sense. Alfa is coming back to the States and this is the best time to buy (before all of these project cars dry up). You can now spend $40k on a proper restoration and get your money back on the finished work (even a Normale!). This car is just about the nicest Sprint I’ve seen in a long time. With the exception of some rust on the trunk floor the car is very, very clean and straight. The nose is just the slightest bit of bend but the car has obviously never been whacked in its life; a small miracle. Both the drivers and passenger doors open and close better than new on a car that has been painted at least three or four times. The car is a 750 series with a proper 750 1300cc engine. It is not complete! The new owner will have to supply a few missing bits like chrome and a transmission. What you are paying for is the most rust free 750 currently available that no one has spent money on.
The Alfetta is just a project for someone who loves this style sedan. There are plenty of usable bits here, and I will fill the trunk and back seat with as many Alfa parts as I can before it goes.
Please give me a few days to snap some pics. Just e-mail me your interest and I will send you the photos later in the week. Or we can always schedule a time to view the cars in person in SF. The Giulietta is downtown and the Alfetta is in Brisbane.

I like the blue wheels.  You’re looking at a lot of work here.  Rust doesn’t appear to be much of an issue compared to recent Sprint projects on the block.

I just sold my last rear window trim and this car needs one.  I have about half of the trim this car is missing.  Little stuff like door controls ends up being expensive and challenging to source.

That’s the later style mirror I need for my SS.  Steering wheel is useful to make the car easy to move around but is beyond fixing.  All the knobs and switches are present.

Here’s the engine you get, from an earlier ‘eyebrow’ Sprint.  Probably worth a lot more than the original for this car so one could potentially sell it and pay for a really good nearly correct engine for this car and have money left over.

Yet another of the ‘rare’ rear seats.  Black and red is a little over the top.

For $6000 I am a little tempted, but I find myself spread pretty thin on projects right now.  I say it’s a decent buy.




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