Market #42: Yet another scrappy ‘Guilietta’ Sprint Veloce project

Update: Wow, no takers for $7000.  If it was in my area I’d be all over it.  It might help if they list it so it can be more easily seen by spelling Giulietta correctly.  Hmmm, lets see if it gets relisted.

Update: Ian reported that more pictures have been posted and indeed they have.  He commented that the carbs are not original, I think he means it should have 40DCO3’s.  I’m not certain and have seen no evidence one way or the other, but keeping in mind that Alfa during this period were consistently inconsistent, I think Veloces at this point may have had 40 DDCOE3’s as this is about the time they were being phased in and showing up on cars.  What’s the difference you ask?  E refers to the Italian word for Die-cast.  I think there is a pretty good section on the differences on the Veloce Register website.  Anyone?

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1495E08315, Engine 1315*32289. Ian Evans sent me a link to this auction with the note: “Probably a safe bet to believe it truly does not run since it is missing the carburetors, eh?” I’m glad he sent it along because I’ve been too busy to troll for cars to write about. For once Fusi is in agreement with the seller and it is indeed a 1959 Sprint Veloce. Metric gauges, swooshy market lights and amber directionals in the tail lights indicate it’s a European Market car, an inquiry to Alfa’s archives would tell you which country if it mattered to you.

The good: Straight nose and trim, good hood fit, not missing much. The bad: everything needs to be reconditioned, expensive to say the least! The ugly: The rust you see here hints at a level of corrosion on all the parts that is difficult to remove. I wonder if a tree fell on it like my Berlina.

“1959 Guilietta Sprint Veloce, original engine and transmission, original exterior paint color is gray, car is mostly complete only missing minor chrome pieces. Body is fair, extra windshield glass included with car, interior is mostly complete as well. Engine turns over but does not run. I do not have much more information but I can take additional pictures if requested.”

Borrani wheels are good to have. Under door trim spears are present as is trim around the windows. Panel gap is good but it’s permanently set at the factory so this is hardly surprising.

One of my personal favorite angles for the Sprint. Imagine it without tail light fins, would be sort of 356-esque. This thing spent too long in the shower. Faded tail light lenses indicate prolonged exposure to the elements.

See that rust in the trunk corner? There’s probably not much trunk floor on the inside. Not to worry if you know how to weld because sheetmetal for Sprints is available and fairly cheap. White stripes out back was apprently the happening look at some point.

No Webers, manifold, plenum or air box. Valve cover nuts look wrong. Seller posted no picture of engine number but claims it’s original. If it’s a good core the engine is probably worth most of the starting bid.

For us Alfa numerologists. Original plate hold down screws are good to see. I guess I should ask what the Bertone number is so I can post it here for posterity.

I’d rather this was a picture of something meaningful like the inside of the trunk or the rockers but hey, at least the badges look good, and the rubber edging is still on the ‘airplane’, that’s $20 you wont have to spend!

I really dig the cursive badges on these cars, much more elegant than the sci-fi ‘GIULIA’ script of the later cars. The Bertone shield emblem moved around a bit car to car. Maybe someday I’ll do a placement expose’.

There’s the carbs still attached to the plenum. If the buyer is lucky the plenum top, manifold, airbox and those $50 apiece wing-nuts that secure the plenum top are all under the seat. Interior doesn’t look horrible and is complete as far as I can tell.

Yellow metric gauges. 17,466 KM’s means 117466km’s means about 73,000 miles. Dig the groovy chartreuse dash cover, good thing they didn’t go all out and shag the carpet up a bit in a green to match.

Beaver tail switches are present. Rear view mirror is missing. Steering wheel looks pretty good, has a crack at 6 o’clock but who holds their wheel down there anyway? I bet that bubble-wrap blob is the windshield. Another view of the carbs and plenum.

Here I am at the end of another write-up of another Sprint Veloce that has seen better times but managed to survive the days when it was worth less than a quality bird-house. I like this car for about $12,000 if it turns out not to be too rusty on the underside and looking at what can be seen of the rockers this is probably the case. Leave a comment, I’d like to hear what you think.


1 thought on “Market #42: Yet another scrappy ‘Guilietta’ Sprint Veloce project

  1. Additional photos now reveal that the car has the wrong Carbs and Plenum. Starter Does look like a Marelli unit. Voltage regulator should be Marelli as well I think, round not rectangular

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