Other 1315 series Giulietta engine numbers.

In 1955, with introduction of the Giulietta Berlina and Spider, an engine number series was started for each.  For the Spider, engine numbers run from AR 1315*40001* through *45854* and for the Berlina AR 1315*50001* through *74950*.  In 1956 The Sprint and Spider Veloce’s were introduced  sharing the engine number series starting with AR 1315*30001* and running to *32738*.  For 1957 an increased power version of the Berlina was introduced, the TI for ‘Turismo Internationale’ with an engine number range starting with AR 1315*80001* and running to *97834*.  Oddly the series number for the TI is 753 rather than 750.  I have read that the Romeo 2 van was being produced at this point with a Giulietta 1300 engine as an option and if so, it may have an engine number that is a variation on one of the above.

Andrew Watry owns Giulietta Berlina 750C 1488 01774, engine number 1315*51850.  Note the depth of the stamping effort in the vin plate.  The early cars seem to have been more aggressively stamped or perhaps the earlier were done by hand and the later had some sort of jig.

Two things were going on in Giulietta production for 1958/1959.   First, in Looking at the numbers above you can see an accounting issue in the making if Alfa continued this numbering scheme.  What would they do when they reached Giulietta TI with engine number 1315*99999* or Giulietta Berlina with engine number 1315*79999*?  Second, they began phasing in the 101 series designations and changes.  Some models received a newly redesigned engine that had the 1315 number prefix replaced by one staring with 001 followed by two numbers to indicate the model it was in.  Since Sprint Speciales were the first to receive the new engine I’ll use one to demonstrate the new numbering relationship.  Sprint Speciale 10120-00014 has engine 00120-00024. 

The matching engine number to the vin plate above.  Doubts about matching numbers?  It should be as clear as this example for all the 1315* engined cars.  If you are considering the purchase of a Giulietta and need help figuring out if its a ‘numbers matching’ car, drop me a line at sprints@giuliettas.com and I’d be glad to help if I can.

At some point in 1959 a new numbering system was introduced to coincide with the change over to the 101 models and cars that were going to be continuing to use the 1315 engine  essentially had the counter reset with an added zero.  For example, the Giulietta Berlina changed from being a 750C with engine 1315*50001*, to being a 101.00 with engine 1315*500001.  Confusing?  A little.  More on 001XX engines later.

Special thanks to Andrew Watry, long time Alfa sedan enthusiast and keeper of the Berlina Register for the pictures on this post.


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