Guest blog entry: Concorso Italiano 2008 couldn’t make it to the Concorso Italiano 2008, so we asked and Sports Car International Magazine’s Jeff Glenn for a full report.  Words and Photographs are his.  Thanks Jeff!



It was always a bit of a chore getting into the Concorso Italiano when it was at the Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Course on Fort Ord, and the organizers convincingly fixed that by moving the event to the Marina Airport. In the process, they lost a fair amount of cache. At past Concorso’s, I enjoyed sitting in the grass and people watching after checking out an overwhelming number of Italian cars and the club corrals in the outlying parking lots. Trees, fleeting glimpses of the ocean, and a rolling topography that gave you a sense of how many cars and people were there have been replaced by a flat, asphalt and concrete parking lot bordered by vendor tents, chain link fence, and port-o-potties. This year, when we couldn’t stand any longer, we collapsed on the concrete.


There were a number of cool WWII airplanes, which helped to give the event some context and sure, a lot of early sports car races were run on airport circuits so it had that going for it. There was also a 50’ yacht and a gaudy motorhome/bus with a pop-out deck that people were lined up to check out. The cars were good, but it seemed like pieces of the puzzle were missing – for instance most 250 series Ferrari’s stayed away. The late model Ferrari’s were there in force. Even the exotic Fiats like 8V’s, the Allemano Coupes and 1000 TC Radiales were nowhere to be found. The Alfa presence was strong with 3 Sprint Speciales (two Giuliettas including Mike Ingegno’s from Oakland and my Giulia) and a host of Giulietta Sprints and Giulia convertibles. Supers were there too, but the exotic TZ1’s, GTA, the random SZ, and prewar stuff was missing. We also brought our 750 Giulietta-nosed 24 Hours of LeMons ’71 spider “race car”, and like last year it grabbed more attention than the most expensive cars there.





Among the non-Italian corrals, BMW had the most expansive display with the most variety. The Kruse auction went on quietly in a corner, and when the wind whipped up, the unattended umbrellas and chairs went flying. My Sprint Speciale has a nice new primer deep scratch under the rear window as a result. No one was there to take responsibility when I returned and found it, which kind of sums up the whole experience. It ain’t what it used to be.




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