Market #41: Giulietta SS 00207 cleaned up.

Another update: This car has reportedly sold!  I guess that means you have to buy mine…

Update: I found a couple of pictures from the previous sale if anyone is seriously interested in this car and wants to see them email me at Also this car is missing the hood spear but they are available.

Giulietta SS 10120*00207, Engine 00536*08350, Bertone *87*209*. Fantasy Junction has this car listed for $48,500. This car was sold by them last year for about $28,000 as a project. Interestingly the link on their ‘Cars we sold’ page is gone. I suppose if I was selling this car a second time after it under went a cosmetic face lift I’d rather the world didn’t know.

The engine in the car is a 1600cc from a 1966 Giulia Sprint GT Veloce or a Duetto and contemporary literature lists the power output at either 125 or 122 depending on the brochure, either way a few shy of the 129hp claimed for a 10121 Giulia SS. The good: Probably a fast smooth 10120 Giulietta SS, not as high strung as one with the original 100 hp 1300cc engine but the bad: it’s not original and the price doesn’t adequately reflect this in my opinion, though I suppose it could be argued that it’s close. I could of course go on at length with opinions but form your own from this: The correct 00120 Engine with all the the correct parts in running condition starts at $15,000 due to its commonality with the expensive SZ, a 1966 Veloce engine like the one in this car is maybe $5-6000.

Car looks a lot better than it did when I looked at it last year. All of the loose ends seem to have been tied up. I like the addition of fog lights. Headlights are cheapo Wagners or something. I’d like to see some period Carello’s or Marchal’s but if you’re sprucing a car up to make money it probably doesn’t make sense to spend money unnecessarily, especially when so few would notice.

Everything fits together pretty well, the trim is straight and attractive. Dual exhaust tip is dorky but for a good many years that was what Alfa guys put on their cars. Almost every Alfa I’ve bought from long-time Alfa people had a tip like this.

When I looked at this car last year I was very tempted and I probably should have gone for it. While there was questionable quality interior work and fit and finish of the coach work seemed aimed at sale rather than the kind of quality a proud owner would go for, the car is very solid and rust free and in the long run it is this that matters most. Funny that the tire brand in this picture is different than in the outside shots, I guess they used the old underside shots.

Interior is very attractive and needs nothing to be enjoyed. Door panel pattern is unoriginal but looks fine to me, in some ways better than the busy original pattern.

I think this is a good example of what I mean when I say detail your engine compartment. It probably shouldn’t be as confidence inspiring as it is to see the outside of the engine so clean, but in our society outside appearance is everything. The expensive 101 series plenum and air-box are missing but there is no hurry to track them down.

Mild over-spray is usually acceptable and easily cured, but not so much on a car near the top of its market price. Reverse light is disconnected. Car has unoriginal disc brakes. I’m going to guess the car is much improved on the under side and the photographer was just being lazy because I know they have to move a bunch of stuff around to get a car on their lift. For the money FJ gets to sell your car I think cutting corners and using old pictures is unacceptable.

Trunk mat is original and worn. Tire is unused. Wiring visible is not routed very well. Trunk seal probably does the job but is not original. A few little details for the new owner to improve on.

All in all I admit I am tempted by it again, especially if they would take an offer around $42,500 (and I didn’t have a second mortgage I was trying to pay off). I’d like to see new pictures of the underside and expect that if they see my write up they will probably oblige, I mean it is their job after all. I say it’s a tiny bit expensive for the amount of unoriginality I see, but if you want a usable early Giulietta SS with lots of potential this may be your car, and that usability and potential may just be worth the premium.


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