Market #40: Another low in Sprints

Giulietta Sprint 1493*22515.  This 1960 Sprint Normale was on eBay here and sold for $310!  Not a bad deal if you have a project you need body panels for or if you (like me) have a lot of extra Sprint parts and are looking for something to bolt them to.  Another good use for this would be as a mule to develop some welding skills on, the benefits would be two-fold:  You’d be learning to weld and you’d be saving an otherwise fairly hopeless seeming car. 

Sellers have all the removed parts and would consider keeping them with the car for a price.  How considerate. 

The nose here is really not that bad.  I see some dents and wrinkles but this is what you would find under the paint and filler on just about any Sprint, concours contenders included.

The Roof is pretty straight and you can see the back window parcel shelf sitting on the floor in the car.  What can be seen of the frame rails looks good.

This rust is not as bad as it looks.  These cars have thick metal.  Mostly what you see here can be attributed to dirt accumulating in unprotected corners, retaining moisture and slowly rusting the pocket out.

Some rust in the floor but again not very bad.  This was probably a pretty good car before some bozo decided it needed to be restored, the first step of which is always the chaotic dis-assembly followed by the second step which is project fatigue and abandonment.

This also looks bad but trust me it’s not.  My red Sprint had it’s battery bungee’d to a 2×6 that was screwed to the frame rails.  A new floor pan for the trunk is cheap andstraight forward for some one with skills to install.

For $310 you can hardly go wrong if you have somewhere to stash it.  Get a drive train, drivers seat and windshield and go rallying.  I have a lot of the parts this car needs, If I knew it would be so cheap I’d have considered it.


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