Market #36: Very Rough 1600 SS

Update: This car (11/18/08) is now offered for 1012 Euro.  Next thing you know this car will be free if you are willing to get a tetanus shot and show up with a trailer.  I know of a similar car locally that, in addition to being this rusty, was hit HARD in the front, that recently changed hands for the price of a tow.  Someday for this car?  I hope so…

The opening bid of $5413.80 (3500 Euro) will probably buy you this challenging SS rusty shell project that is currently on Italian eBay. Of course what do you do with something like this? From the pictures, I’d say half of the car would have to be rebuilt from panel sections and fabricated from scratch. Lets not forget glass… doors… trim…

This is kind of what I expected to arrive when my SS came, but I spent less than this and got more than I was hoping of the trim and glass. Drivers side headlight opening is funky among other things. Steering box should be present, a small plus.

Rockers, what rockers? 105 14″ wheels (or at least wheel). All I see here is scary. I’m going to guess it was originally white.

What can a tail light set, even in repro cost? More scary and sad.

Odd that the gas tank was left in the car. These high capacity Veloce tanks are valuable.

So what exactly are the options for a car like this? If my neighbor gave it to me I’d be hard pressed to find a use for it.

Lets pretend I am a very skilled metal worker and bought this car for $5000 to make into a safe, minimally trimmed race car. For about $2000 I could get all the common Sprint and Spider repair panels. Another $2500 would yield a box of SS specific repair panels from Italy. A $800 trip to the sand blasters would probably erase a third of the car but give a starting point to begin welding from. If I had a well equiped shop it might take me 200 hours to do all the fabrication and welding, followed by another 100 hours of shaping, fitting and skimming. If I valued my skills at $50 per hour the labor bill is $15,000. Undercoating and paint would be another $1500 for a DIY 10 footer track day car. At the end of this process I am $26,800 into a shell to build into a race car. Add to that another $15,000 for the minimum SS specific or at least period 101 ‘stuff’ to make it useable like glass, gauges, mirrors, lights etc and a 105 1600 drivetrain. We are at $41,800.

It could be done, but I doubt it will be until unrestored run of the mill (if such things exist) Giulia SS’s are $50K plus. I think this car should be rolled into a dry barn and forgotten for another 20 years.


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