Market #35: Black plate Sprint Veloce Confortevole project

Sold! $19,340. Deutschland, here it comes. Well, it is eBay, so we wont know until a few weeks pass without it reappearing if it actually sold.  I was kind of thinking $20,000 would be the tipping price between a good buy and a good sale, so for what it’s worth I owe myself a t-shirt.  Greig, you were the only entrant in my guess the final price contest so I guess I owe you a T-shirt either way.  Hopefully I’ll get to them in our life-time.

Sprint Veloce ‘Confortevole’ 1493E*06481, engine 1315*30972. I am starting to think that Michael at Fast Cars of California has a endless hoard of Giulietta projects, mainly Sprints. Today’s offering is a 1958 Giulietta Sprint Veloce Confortevole project that apparently spent 15 years with weeds growing through its trunk. The car is complete and basically sound but requires (and deserves) a full restoration.

Pretty much all there and ready to come apart. Nose has been where it ought not have been and has lots of little dents to show for the experience. Grill ‘eyebrows’ can be had.

Under door trim looks good, window trim all appears to be in place and the body looks pretty straight.

Tail lights are Lucas items common to all manner of British built contraptions. Again, nothing out of place, badges look good and a California black plate to boot. If I was selling old project cars I’d put a single Black plate on all for the cache, whether original to the car or not.

Rear bumper is better than expected. Lower edge of trunk lid is going to require some delicate metal work. Yes, the rear window is tinted a slight blue green on Sprints.

This car was probably parked with the rear and passenger side facing the bushes, sprinklers and what-all. Drivers side is very solid but passenger side door and body have some preforations. The metal in these is pretty thick and tough, even seemingly major rust is usually very localized to the bubble or hole itself.

Car stopped with 83,646 miles on the clock, about the life span of the original clutch, master cylinder seals, water pump and a lot of other stuff. Air box came off to investigate one of those problems and the job stopped there. I’d bet it would fire up. Yes, thats the ~$3000 40DCO3 intake set up I need for my Sprint Veloce.

Good color combo in the interior, kind of a cream and oxblood. There is a picture of one of the fender badges that shows period Alfa red peaking through. Originally red?

Trunk needs some help but this is common. Veloce only gas tank breather return feature seen here pointing away from the filler will be the hardest part to fabricate.

If you’ve made it this far into this blog entry then perhaps you are thinking this might be your dream Sprint Veloce project. As the seller states, these are rare, with 199 made over about 10 months. If you can’t throw down for a Sprint Veloce lightweight this is the next best thing. I haven’t actually recorded the sale of a restored Sprint Veloce Confortevole yet on this blog but I would guess at least $75K would be required to get one. Post in the comments what you think this car should go for. If I get 10 comments (by 10 different people) the nearest guess gets a free t-shirt when I get them made.

Good thing I’m up to my eyes in Alfa’s with ‘potential’ or I might make a go at this one.


5 thoughts on “Market #35: Black plate Sprint Veloce Confortevole project

  1. Hi Matt

    Given the rarity of an SVC I’d hazard a guess that the Reserve is probably about $15K, knowing how the bidding war hots up at the final hour, I’ll take a stab at between $14K & $15K

    SVC # 06193

  2. I think it is about time that these great and beautiful cars are finally getting the attention they deserve. A 356 Porsche aka., Hot Rod VW are selling for astronomical prices go figure.. Hope to see more of these selling well, this will motivate me and mine Sprint Veloces going… :)

    • It depends on which side of the Sprint/Spider Veloce or SS ownership status you are on whether the rise in prices is a good thing. Once I get my confortevole then the prices can do what ever they want!

  3. AR1493E06481 was beautifully restored in Germany and was then sold to a Swiss collector. I purchased the car in September 2016 in Switzerland and imported and registered it in the UK. After a lot of care and attention to fettle the car, it took part in Terre di Canossa and Gran Premio Nuvolari in 2017. Two wonderful rallies, the Sprint was delightful and ran without fault. The car is highly original, confirmed matching numbers and is a wonderful to own.

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