Market #34: Barn find Giulia Spider Normale

Sold!  33 bids and an ending price of $8700.  Almost exactly what I sold mine for a few years back.  If it can be brought to life and put on the road without much fuss then a very good buy.

Giulia Spider AR10123*373944, Engine 00112*04458.  Available now on eBay is this 1962 Spider.  Seller says it doesn’t run but rolls and steers fine.  Rust is reported to be limited to the shelf behind the seats and the hood edges.  From the pictures it appears this car has the 3 shoe drum brake set-up and a later split case 5-speed.  No mileage is stated but these cars seem to accrue about 80 – 100,000 before they are taken off the road for lack of some small repair only to turn up as barn finds 20 years later.

I owned a 1962 Spider very similar to this car.  It was a single carb 1600 with a split case 5 speed and 3 shoe drum brakes (you can read about it here).  It had similar patina but no rust.  The engine looked about the same and with a little coaxing came to life easily enough.

Originally white, now red, with over-spray all over the place.  Looks like a straight forward honest car, not quite a wax and go, but almost.  All the trim is in place and there are no obvious problems.

It’s unusual to find one of these that hasn’t been hit in the rear, so I would inspect the inside surface of the trunk lid for wrinkles.  Tail lights, trunk lock and bumpers all look usable.

Interior will need a lot of work to be nice, but it’s all got to come apart anyway.  Gauges are more yellow than usual and the rear view mirror needs re-silvering.  I don’t see any cracks in the steering wheel rim which is very unusual.

Most of the usual dash problems are not in evidence here.  Cap, trim, knobs, toggles, mirror etc are all present and ‘right’.  What kind of lazy painter gets over-spray on the heater box?  Seemingly most of them as my Spider had the same pattern but white.

Here’s the jack-pot.  If you can see this sort of destruction all in one area, you can bet there is more that you can’t see.  Rockers do look good though.

I’m pretty sure these are 3 shoe brakes which are expensive to rebuild, somewhat complicated to set up and not much of a practical improvement over the two-shoe drums.  They are cool in a ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ sort of way though.  Rebound wires on Giulietta’s and Giulia’s tend to be broken in this way.

Engine compartment is all as it should be and I’d be surprised if it didn’t run.  It’s was probably taken off the road due to a blown head gasket, worn out clutch or non-charging generator.

This car needs a lot of work to be restored, but is a much better starting point than the usual Spider barn-find.  I’d recommend a rolling restoration for this car because it probably isn’t far from being on the road now.  Restoration fatigue is hard to avoid (ask me how I know) for even the most enthusiastic obsessive-compulsive rich person with all the time in the world, and a rolling restoration makes it so you can take a break from the work and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  This car well restored would bring probably $25,000, so I would think as it sits anything more than $12,000 is unwarranted.


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