New member of the family: 1972 Berlina

I did a quick calculation and found that at my current usage, I would reach the end of the warranty on my daily driver at 100,000 miles 13 months before the term of the warranty is up in March or 2010.  Time to get a cheap commuter!

My commute is 30 miles each way and I travel both ways at the early edge of the 880 traffic, so unless there is an accident I get to do 35 – 60 mph the whole way. A beater pre-smog sedan with a 5 speed and an economical engine would be a perfect commuter for me.  I didn’t have much to spend initially so I had low expectations about what I would find, but I figured I could drive the 1959 Sprint until something turned up.

Last Saturday I went by a friends Alfa repair shop to buy some Sprint interior trim I needed for the Sprint Veloce and this car was parked on the street out front.  I asked what was going on with it and I was told the engine was coming out then it was going to the local Alfa pick-n-pull, unless of course I wanted it.  I asked how much and for the same price as the hand full of Sprint interior trim I bought it.

1972 Berlina 11500*3000189, California Blue plate 564 GQB.  Originally Silver with black interior.  Doesn’t look too bad.

The Berlina was a running driving car before the engine blew up about 3 months ago and everything works.  I have receipts going back to about 50,000 miles in the early 90’s and it has been very well cared for over the years.  The Pirelli P3000 Cinturato’s are like new and most of the brake system has been replaced in the last 8 years.  The two big things I need are an engine and a windshield.  The interior is pretty rough but all there and it has a working period Blaupunkt radio. 

A tree fell on the car and put a dent int he passenger door and broke the windshield!

Interior is rough but usable.  Berlina pieces come up on eBay and the Alfa BB regularly.

Anyone out there in Alfa land have a Berlina windshield that’s better than this one for sale?  Email me at  Next installment will cover my engine options as I try and create a 30+ mpg commuter.

Click here to see what I did with the Berlina.


2 thoughts on “New member of the family: 1972 Berlina

  1. You all watch Matt will polish this turd!!! Get free and cheap parts from Alfa friends and take it on the Melee next month. Then when the first rains come he will sell it on ebay for $7500.

    I’m glad your saving this Alfa….good job!!!


  2. Norm, you’re absolutely right: Matt WILL magick up the pieces needed (e.g. windshield) and WILL probably bring it on the Melee.

    Though I’d rather he bring the SV, or the lug-bereft Fiat.

    The Sprint’s aft quarters would be more attractive to watch, as I try to keep Matt and Steph in sight.

    And the Fiat sedan has that time warp quality that keeps me checking to see if Rod Serling is riding in the back seat.

    Matt, nothing against the Berlina but, if the objective was a cheap commuter, why not a motobike? You don’t really think it’s ever going to rain in California again, do you?

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