Italian motorcycle police display

Once again I’m straying form the topic of Giuliettas here but I couldn’t resist this video. Only the Italians would decide this was a good idea. Perhaps someone knows what kind of bikes they would have been riding? I can’t think of an Italian big bike manufacturer from this period so I’m tempted to say they are BMW’s.


2 thoughts on “Italian motorcycle police display

  1. Hi Matt,
    Italian police/carbinieri, Guarda di Finanza.
    They used to have italian sourced bikes, usually Moto Guzzi’s.
    Since this is a fifties film, in those days imports in Italy were really not done, specially for public services.
    So for me they are probably that: Moto Guzzi.

  2. Absolutely awesome! Like some sort of demented Leni Riefenstal motorcycle dream.

    Can you imagine what the practices for this performance must have been like? The director trying to be heard over the noise, routines dissolving into chaos, collisions, and — probably — a minor crime wave as the carbinieri spent hours in the stadium practicing for the show?

    Matt, thanks for posting this!

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