Market #32: Giulietta 750B half-off sale

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*01864. On eBay right now, starting bid is $1000. Vin on this seemingly very straight Sprint nose corresponds to early 1956. This would probably be ideal for the buyer of the smashed Confortevole or perhaps the basis of an interesting project for the right person. I know project?? Am I crazy? Well, if you know something about the origins of the Sprint Zagato you may have heard of the group of cars collectively known as Sprint Veloce Zagato’s.

I goes something like this: You go off the road, down an embankment into a ravine and end up upside down wedged between a tree and some rocks. You climb bruised and battered from your recently purchased and expensive Sprint Veloce. Two weeks later you deliver the car to carrozzeria Zagato to get it fixed. Elio looks it over and tells you it would be cheaper to cut most of the original crushed body work away and make a new body from aluminum than to restore it. Oh, and by the way he can make it lighter and more aerodynamic in the process, you’ve seen the ‘double-bubble’ roof right?

Only Sprint Veloce Zagato’s were not all Veloce’s or even Sprints for that matter. A modern SVZ recreation if sold as such is still a very sought after and expensive car.

Nice nose. No deep rot to be seen, lots of small parts that are hard to find still bolted and screwed into place etc.

This is a sad and telling view. There is no real rust visible in the remains of the floor. Usually even good cars have a little rot where the kick panels join the rockers. Dash top doesn’t unbolt and come off on this series of Sprint. Unmodified transmission tunnel is nice to have. I hope the rear of this car was destroyed in an accident, if not someone made a mistake cutting this car up.

Throttle linkage is present as is hood latch mechanism and some other good stuff.

OK, back to the interesting project idea. The right person would have another equally bleak car to provide the rest of the floor, an English Wheel, a stack of sheet aluminum and some serious skills. You know where this fantasy goes. It’s just the VIN is perfect for an SVZ recreation.

If this was a muscle car clip with the right numbers someone would be all over it. Bidding would be baffling if it was a Ferrari 250 Lusso or 275 GTB nose. If it doesn’t sell I may offer $500 and hang it from my shop wall until that smashed nose 750 Sprint comes into my life.


3 thoughts on “Market #32: Giulietta 750B half-off sale

  1. I actually have a SVZ– not replica, one of the actual 18, my floors rotted– wondering if this car is still available– in reality I need both front and rear floor

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