Giulietta Sprint Accessories

When I went shopping for a modern car last year I was surprised by the number of accessories available, the fact that cars came pre-optioned for the most part, and how expensive additional accessories were.  Accessories are nothing new when it comes to cars, windows and lights were accessories in the early days!  The Giuliettas were no exception and the picture below, from a 1958 brochure, reprinted in the Alfieri book shows some interesting accessories that could be missed by the casual observer.

“Fog lamps fittings. It can be ordered as a seperate unit complete with mounting brackets and hollow intake fairing, painted in the colour of the car. Please specify No. of chassis.”

Note that the car above is not an ‘Eyebrow’ car but a later 101 style body.  There is another subtle accessory on this car which, unless you know Sprints, you may not notice.  This car has vent windows!  I have never seen a picture that was recently taken of a Sprint with either of the above accessories with the exception of the SS below. 

Looks pretty neat with vent windows.  These were an option for Spiders too.

The foglamp kit is pretty cool since it incorporates the earlier style grill bars painted in body color with the 101 style grill surrounds.  Are there boxes of unsold kits hidden away in Bertone’s basement?  The foglamps look like Hella 128 or Marchal 650 items to me but I don’t know if Alfa would be equiping it’s cars with either of these at this point since headlights and taillights were Carello. 

Have you seen a Sprint recently with either of these accessories?  Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Giulietta Sprint Accessories

  1. Hello and great site! I’ve been an occasional visitor, as time permits. It’s nice to find another student of the unique automotive creation that is the Sprint. I can add that I have never seen a modern Sprint, in photograph or in person, with either the foglight or wing window option. I did see a barnfind Sprint with a pretty decent rear seat, but it had an older reupholstery job. I think the foglight treatment is an exceptionally attractive mod to the 101-series front end and have contemplated punching out the side grilles on mine to replicate the look. Of course, my fantasy is to obtain an original Bertone foglight grille package though, as it’s all about the Original!

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