Market #30: Orange 750B project in Europe

Update 7/14/08: Price is now 15,999 Euros.

Update: Overnight the price went from 12,499 to 16,999 Euro’s.  I wonder what they are thinking.  See the comment below for a European perspective.  Perhaps they saw this car.

1957 Sprint 750B 1493*04327, Engine 1315*03847. This car, with an asking price of 12,499 Euro’s, verifies my claim that 750B’s are regarded as being worth a premium compared to 101 style cars. This makes sense considering the hand made nature and relative rarity of this model, with roughly 6500 being made, Veloce’s included, compared to probably more than 25,000 of the later style.

Classified text reads: “CH Fahrzeug aus 3.Hand – 1968 zerlegt & total Restauriert – Seit 30 Jahren Stillgelegt – Zylinderkopf demontiert, mit Doppel Weber Vergaser (Sprint Veloce). Die Orig. Farbe des Gulietta war weiss ! – Fahrzeug ist complet, wenig Rost, zum Restaurieren!”

Or via Google language tools if you prefer English: “CH vehicle 3.Hand – 1968 decomposed & total Restored – For 30 years Decommissioned – cylinder head dismantled, with double Weber carburetor (Sprint Veloce). The color of Orig Gulietta was white! — Vehicle is complet, little rust, to restore!”

Not too bad really. The nose looks straight as does all the trim. Drivers side headlight ring is missing. I like the fog lights. Apparently this car was in the sun long enough to fade the paint.

Hood could use a little help, well, maybe a lot of help. Are the wipers pointed in opposite directions? How does one let this happen to their Sprint?

Badges are not on the car, maybe not included? All the window trim looks to be on the car and I don’t see any cracks in the glass. Rims are correct. Panel fit looks excellent. Note dent behind front wheel in rocker.

A little of the original white paint showing through the orange and gold? Rear bumper looks good, but I would remove it since these early cars have a smooth round back. Goofy little reflectors are cute but would have to go.

These are the bases of my favorite style of tail light, being the most ‘Italian’ looking of the different types used over the years. Again, panel fit is excellent. I would bet the ‘little rust’ is in the trunk corners.

For the numbers geeks out there Autotelaio 1493*04327, Motore 1315*03847, Bertone *653855*. Build plate is rivited which is unusual, but everything appears original.

Gauges are not too yellowed, radio blanking plate and ashtray are present. Two control knobs beside the ashtray appear to be missing. Horn button is nice.

I dig the plaid seat covers and door panels. This car would have been groovy in ’69 with orange paint and plaid seat covers. Transmission tunnel has not been modified to accept a later 5 speed transmission, so I assume this car has its original 4 speed tunnel case ‘box.

Seller states the car was converted to Veloce Webers, if these are 40DCO3’s the deal would suddenly be much sweeter. If this car was in my area on Craigslist and affordable I’d have a hard time not raiding my savings account and turning my Giulietta trio into a quartet. Of course if it was in my area and affordable I’d have a fight on my hands trying to be the first guy there with cash in hand. If I bought it I would clean it up, make it work and cruise it warts and all, because it would be far down the que of who gets paint first and I wouldn’t be able to not get it going and drive it around while waiting to paint it. Thankfully it’s in Europe so an attempt at acquisition is highly unlikely.


2 thoughts on “Market #30: Orange 750B project in Europe

  1. From where I am sitting the asking price is EURO 16999. That s a lot more than the EURO 12500 that you quote.
    In equivalent $26,741.66
    and then the restauration work still needs to start> shipping home etc etc.
    Looking from an EU perspective, when the value of a premium 750B is approx EURO 35000 in the inflated german market.
    So not much left for a restauration……

    See my site for another orange Sprint, a 101. It was a lot cheaper!

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