Alfa Romeo Archivio Storico information request

If you send an email to: with a request for information regarding your Alfa they will get back to you with an email telling you what is in their records. I did this for my Sprint Speciale and this was their reply.

Dear Mister Hamilton,

 with reference to your request we are informing you as follows.

 According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 101.20.00413 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale, manufactured on the 9th March 1961 and sold on the 13th March 1961 to Società per il Commercio dei Prodotti Alfa Romeo. Lugano, Switzerland.

The body colour is Alfa red.

 Yours, Sincerely,

 Marco Fazio 


I have seen a photograph of the pages from one of their records that was published in the ‘Giuliettaletta’ autumn 2007 issue and they are very neat to see. The particular record in the photo runs from October 2nd 1957 to November 22, 1957 and has details for cars 05433 to 05451, 19 cars, all written out in beautiful Italian long-hand. I recommend you join the Giulietta Register and request this issue if you want to see this spread.

4 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Archivio Storico information request

  1. can someone there tell me what my car is ar1451869 chassis number er0054822210 engine number ive had the car vfor 18 years never been on the road cheers sam hope you can help

    • Sam,

      Engine is a 1750 -I’m not as up on my later Alfa serial numbers, but I suspect it’s a late 60’s Spider? Anyone?


      • hi matt thanks for the reply what ive been told by a few club member … the car is a 1750 gt coupe veloce . one says its a 1968 one says its 1969 i just wanted to know what year

  2. Hi, My name is Mike Paul, i am the Chairman of the Alfa Romeo club of Natal in Durban South Africa, i have recently finished the re build of my Alfa Spider Duetto, could you please send me some information on when it was built and which country it went to, the CHASSIS NUMBER is
    AR 1470371.
    Mike Paul

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