Market #28: Rough Giulia 1600 Sprint project

Reserve not Met.  Auction ended at $3300 on 7/6/08.  This ending price is probably the parts value of the car.  I would guess the reserve was $3500 or $4000.  Car has been relisted and I’m not sure but I think there are additional photos.

Giulia Sprint 1600 10112*356469. Yet another project Sprint from the eBay seller out of Newport Beach. Whoever bought the subject of Market #11 might consider this car as a co-project to make two into one from with that car. With values where they are today a Sprint like this is in a much better position for survival than it has ever been. That said, I think this car is a better value as a source of parts than as a restoration project, though the optimist in me would love to see it restored.

The body is for the most part straight, with the usual decent panel gaps and trim fit. It has rust issues, probably not terminal but challenging. Replaced rear drivers corner could hide major headaches, but with cut out and weld in rust repairs to do anyway it would probably fade to background noise by the time you got to it.

Even in near death the Sprint is beautiful. Drivers side headlight is neat period Marchal unit. Headlight rings mismatch. Front bumber in picture is not original.

Correct Fergat 15″ wheels on the passenger side. Bumper looks OK but obviously needs chrome. Tail lights, trunk emblem, rear window trim etc all are likely imperfect, but usable.

Lookin’ bad back here. That whole corner would probably need to be removed, repaired and replaced. Panels are available. Note 14″ 105 wheels on drivers side.

More fabrication and welding to be done under here. Do you really want to do it?

Interior is present but a disaster. Passenger seat back is missing, drivers seat doesn’t look good. Steering wheel is incorrect, gauges are yellowed. At least all the window surround trim is present!

Yes, you are starting essentially from scratch in here. Engine is a 1750 which makes a Sprint entertaining to drive but is missing everything, so new owner is better off buying something that runs, maybe a 2 liter from a 70’s Spider.

Now that I have gone through the pictures more carefully I think this is probably better off as a parts car unless this exact model of Sprint is what floats your boat and you have been looking for a challenging project to show off all your restoration skills on. Even If the seller is correct in his assertion that very good Sprints are $30,000, I still think this car has you under water by the time you give it everything it needs. Sprint 1600’s are neat because not many were made but with Alfa putting most of their engineering resources and creativity into upgrades to the 105 Sprint GT and TI/Super sedan lines these cars were an afterthought, probably made as a vehicle for selling leftover 101 components as much as anything else. If I were to come into possession of this car I would take what I need for my various piles and throw a tarp over what’s left in anticipation of the day when it makes more sense to restore this car.


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