Market #27: Austrian Giulia SS project

Looking to out do me and have an even worse SS starting point? Look no further. 10,000 Euros ‘Buy it now’ and this could be yours. Based on the pictures it is a 10121*38XXXX, Giulia SS. Seemingly clean SS’s tend to hide rust very well, not so this car, it is clearly out of the closet.
When I and the internet were young I used to play a game where I used translation software to translate phrases back and forth from English to other languages. The results were often startlingly funny. Obviously translation software hasn’t improved much. The translated eBay text reads: “For sale is a rare Alfa Romeo Giulia SS, 1.6 petrol, with original Italian papers, restaurations object, partially disassembled and prepared to restore! Rollfähig vehicle engines and gearboxes are expanded, Interior Rooms with almost complete. Foreign facilities without Stosstangen and without barbecue. Inquiries under 0043 676 6500 954 Enjoy bidding 3, 2, 1, deins …… NO and NO GUARANTEE WARRANTY” Phew, I was worried about the barbecue…
Car doesn’t actually look too bad in this picture. Headlight openings, grill opening, hood alignment and all look right, bumper mounts are sticking out into space. I like the blue lower lip paint scheme, like a 4 year old after a blue popsicle.

Sellers attempt to use faery dust failed so the car is now for sale. What possible good is this picture you ask? From an accounting perspective you now know it has headlight buckets!

Apparently the faery dust wasn’t a complete failure, the dash looks really good. All the switches, padding and dodads that make me like the Giulietta version of the SS more are in place. Shame about the floors.

Another accounting picture. Rear window? Check. Trim around door opening? Check.

Wow, tough to make out anything useful here except that a lot of work is going to be required to make it right.

Sill plates? Check. Gaping rust holes? Check. At twelve o’clock in this picture is the rust that should make you stop and wonder if this car is do-able without a solid Spider chassis as donor.

This car is definitely going to be a challenge. Will it be restored? Someday… Maybe… Probably. I think $40,000 spent on this car after purchase would result in a potential break even. If SS’s continue to go up it may even make sense, but with decent running Giulia SS’s that just need cosmetics popping up once in a while for roughly twice the asking on this car it may be a while yet before anyone undertakes the ordeal.

An even worse SS!


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