Market #23: Giulietta Sprint 750 B project

Giulietta Sprint 750 B 1493-03822, Engine 1315-03887.  Available here on Italian eBay is this early project Sprint.  Seller also has a Lancia Appia Zagato  project which, if you’ve never seen one, is worth taking a look at. 

I love a good project.  The enjoyment of seeing a car like this and imagining it eventually being transported to a garage where it is pains-takingly brought back to life is hard to explain to someone who doesn’t care much for old cars or working on them.  This looks like a better starting point than the crushed Confortevole I wrote about earlier, but that car had three times the upside this car has.  One would have to buy carefully to have this car make sense as a full restoration candidate, a thoughtful approach to this car may be a slow rolling restoration.  That said if this was in my neighborhood I’d be borrowing a trailer right now rather than writing about it.

Small headlights and simple grill surrounds are the most obvious differences between 750 and 101 bodied cars.  I bet that round sticker on the windshield is from some garage that doesn’t exist anymore.    Note ambiguous rusty patch behind the front wheel.

Keeping good company with a GTV and Maserati (?).  This car is pretty straight if you can see past the seedy paint.  I’ll take it!  Imagine driving this around without touching the body other than to mount the missing headlight and clean the windows.  You could be the hill-billy sophisticate.

Take your dark red paint, add copious oxidation from 25 years of sitting in the sun and you end up with a pink car.  These are the early non-Lucas small taillights, in my opinion the best looking of the bunch. It looks like all the trim is present but it also looks like it all needs work.

There is a lot of stuff missing in the engine compartment. Fortunately this is probably the easiest stuff to get for these cars.  I’d be willing to bet this engine runs but needs a head gasket and tons of deferred maintenance.

Build plate is intact, which is the case about half the time with these cars.  Why do people remove and keep these?  Bertone body number is stamped just above the upper right hand screw mounting the plate.  Too bad it is not legible, I bet it’s about *6536XX* if the trends in the numbers hold up.

This car falls into the 1957 serial number range if you believe Fusi’s records, which can be occasionally suspect.  The differences between 750 and 101 series Sprints appears to be minor other than some trim changes, but the closer you look the more differences you start to see.  I recently had the opportunity to look at two 1958 750 Sprint Veloces, a 750 bodied car and a 101 bodied car built about 5 months apart, and side by side and the cars differed in nearly every detail.  To restore this car you need to have all those ‘correct’ parts that are different from the more common later cars, not an encouraging thought.

That box of parts below the steering wheel is a good sign, maybe the stuff missing from the engine compartment is in there, or even better it’s a bunch of Veloce parts that can be sold for big money to help fund the reanimation of this car.

If you look carefully you can see, in addition to the bumper, the heater box, headlight and an interior that would probably clean up nicely for the rolling restoration. 

If the gas tank is in the back seat, what’s in the trunk?

I guess that’s why the gas tank is in the back seat.  Not surprising on a Sprint to need a trunk floor, even dry California cars seem to rust significantly back here.  Fortunately repair panels are readily available.

If this car was in Northern California and on eBay this week, I’d be surprised if it went for less than $10,000.  Unfortunately with the way Italian eBay works we’ll probably never know what this car sells for unless one of us buys it.  I’m already over-extended so it’s up to you.

Update:  I am pretty sure this is the same car available here for 11,000 Euro’s.  Look at the rear ends below and see if you come to the same conclusion

This one from the eBay auction.

This one from the Giulietta Register for sale page.


2 thoughts on “Market #23: Giulietta Sprint 750 B project

  1. Dear Sir,

    It’s declared that repair trunk floors of the Sprint (750 B) would be easily obtainable. Can you please give me some tips/adresses. I look for trunkfloor and other floorparts for my restoring project Giulietta Spint 750 B 1956.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,


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