Details #1: IPRA Torino Heater box markings

If you are restoring a Giulietta Sprint Speciale or Spider (or possibly many other late 50’s or early 60’s Italian cars Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia etc among them) to as-new condition and are obsessed (I mean really obsessed) with originality, then you may have given thought to reproducing factory markings. These cars were made by hand then assembled by hand from parts that were made by hand. Hand written grease pencil notes on the backs of upholstery cards and on interior surfaces, hand stamped serial numbers, hand applied decals and rubber stamps all characterize these cars and the circumstances under which they were made. Erasing, preserving or recreating these markings during a restoration is a matter of personal choice. I don’t know if points are awarded or taken away during judging at serious concours events but if the spirit of the competition is to recreate the ‘new’ car then it seems to me these markings should be present.

The first item in my ‘Original Details’ section is this heaterbox, as removed from a very original Giulietta Sprint Speciale.

‘E’ in a box with an arrow pointing up. Water Entrata?

Is that an upside down ‘U’ or a lower case ‘n’? Why is the arrow hollow while the arrow with the ‘E’ is solid? Water Uscita?

‘C.11.60’ in a box. A date stamp? Serial number or Type?

IPRA ‘Torino’ decal is pretty stylish. Someone probably reproduces these.

I hope this is useful to someone somewhere. I’ll probably make a wood or rubber stamp and put the markings back on my heater box, not so much out of a desire to have a correct restoration but just because it will be a fun challenge to see if I can get a good result.


3 thoughts on “Details #1: IPRA Torino Heater box markings

  1. Matt- I seem to recognize this heater box. I would guess that “E” stands for “entrata” which means entrance in Italian, and “U” stands for “Uscita” or exit. Referring to the water flow through the heater core. And yes those stickers are available.

    Also see my post on BB about steering wheels, and if you know others who need a repair it would help induce them to make a mold for those wheels.


  2. I am searching for a heater assembly for my Giulietta Spider. I believe that any 750 or 101 series Spider heater will fit.

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