Market #19: Another Italian Ebay 101 Giulietta Sprint Veloce

As if in response to my declaration in Special Sprints #11 that good 101 Sprint Veloce’s seem to be going for $55,000 this 1960 Sprint Veloce appears on Italian eBay with a 36,000 Euro price tag, about $56,000.

The color of this car is Tornado Blue, very rare on these early cars. As explained in Special Sprints #9, Italian eBay is different from eBay USA in that car listings are more like the classifieds found in classic car magazines. You get a brief description of the car, some low resolution pictures and an email and phone number to use to contact the seller.

Looks like an honest enough car. Not sure I’d keep the sail out front. Grills, headlight rings and all the other trim look good.

I think this car predates the license plate mount seen here. I have heard a common practice in Italy was to ‘upgrade’ cars with trim from subsequent models to make people think you have a newer car. I prefer the ‘airplane’ style trunk trim with integral licence plate light. Everything else back here looks good.

Everything under the hood looks original. For the asking price I’d like to have seen some time spent cleaning under here. I need that air box and plenum for my SS.

Italians really seem to take good care of the interiors of their cars. This is how the interior on my Sprint Veloce is supposed to look. I need a set of those rubber mats all old cars in Italy seem to wear. Note how the patina on everything is about the same.

I don’t know what is going on here, but it looks like some custom rear bench upholstery has been done. The upholstered panels back here are very fussy to get set up right, with lots of little clips and screws.

I have a feeling that a viewing in person would prove this to be a very fine example of an original 101 Sprint Veloce. I like the color and if the original appearing interior is perfectly matched by an original low mileage drive train the seemingly high price is well deserved.


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