Market #18: Stunning silver Giulietta Sprint Speciale

This 1961 Giulietta Sprint Speciale is listed for sale on several European classic car classified websites and is described as having been restored in Denmark in about 1989 and currently licensed there. Asking price is 36,000 Euro’s, about $55,000 at the time of writing. If this car is as good as it looks this is probably a good deal, but from California, the requisite journey to inspect the car and then the shipping to get it home would add as much as $10,000 to the purchase price.

Restored SS’s are seldom seen in silver. Most of these cars seem to get returned to their original color and I don’t think silver was on the stock palette, though with Alfa you could probably call them up and get whatever you wanted for a price. Chrome bright-work up front blends in and is almost lost in the beautifully finished paint. This is the effect I enjoy so much on the 007 DB5 Aston. It doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ like a shiny red car with a chrome grill, it doesn’t have to. You can’t help but look.

Very classy looking car from this angle. Bodywork is arrow straight and fussy, hard to make right front trim all fits together perfectly.

If the front end wasn’t speed-boating a little I’d say the stance was perfect. With the front end lowered an inch or two this car would transform from Mom’s spectacular yet pleasant get-away car to Dad’s casual weekend track car.

All the trim on these cars is hand filed to fit each individual. It is remarkable that Bertone were able to produce so many of these beauties knowing the effort involved.

I don’t usually go for carpet with off-color edging but this combo works for me, though there are some abrupt transitions from red to black then gray I could do without. Nothing to fault in the cabin except where personal taste is concerned.

Transporting the legless in style or at least maintaining the illusion of a back seat. I prefer a no nonsense parcel shelf with eyelets for luggage straps. Door pull on the drivers door appears to be a Spider item rather than the stock Sprint item.

Very well done engine compartment, with most of the right parts and everything routed correctly.

All I can offer on a car like this is opinions and in my opinion this car is amazing. There is no misalignment with my personal taste that I couldn’t learn to live with and eventually embrace. I am one to drive my cars regardless of condition, but I could see myself getting stressed out trying to avoid any road condition that might lead to so much as a stone chip. I suppose that stress will be manifest once I’ve painted and start driving my SS, but relieving that stress is what hot tubs and massages are for. I can only imagine the spousal raised eyebrows when worrying over the paint on the SS is given as an excuse to get a massage. Look for the video on YouTube!


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