Market #17: a trio of sold 101 Veloces

These three Sprint Veloces sold just before I started this blog. It is my goal to track as many as possible of the sales of Speciales and Veloces so that in the years to come trends may be detected besides the simple upward trend that these cars seem to be enjoying.

1961 Giulietta Sprint Veloce Tipo 10106 AR*E159111, engine 00106*02376. An absolutely stunning example sensibly restored with a perfectly complementary mix of original and new parts. This car sold in April. Asking price was $57,500. This car sold very quickly which tells me that it probably sold for the asking price and the buyer probably had been looking for a very high quality Sprint Veloce. A visit to Fantasy Junctions sold cars page to see this car is worthwhile, the description is thorough and there are 54 high quality pictures to enjoy.

Straight, clean and shiny. Good panel and trim fit. Bumper looks slightly higher on drivers side, but it may just be an illusion from shadows. This car looks good no matter how close you get.

This car sits perfectly, low and aggressive without appearing uncomfortable to drive. Look at the line of the horizon in the reflection on the paint and how the door gaps are nearly invisible. Very nice.

Door panels are not puffy and fit perfectly, carpet is correct red and short pile, seats look inviting. Gauges are clear and all trim is present and beautiful. Interior restoration was very well done.

This is how a Giulietta Sprint Veloce engine compartment should look. In addition to all the correct parts having the correct finish, it has been detailed by some one who knows what they are doing. You want top dollar for your Sprint? Make the engine compartment look like this.

The practicality of a car like this is you drive and enjoy it and get it detailed once in a while. In 5 years when you sell it you make money. You were paid to own and drive this car, lucky you.

1961 Giulietta Sprint Veloce Tipo 10124 1493E23899, engine 00106*00701. This car is almost the twin of the car above, but where the other is restored and impeccable, this one is a clean original survivor and shows a little age. Car was listed in March for $51,500 and sold immediately. I suspect this car is a 1960 year model based on the engine number, but I can’t find a reference to a chassis number this high with the 1493 designation. This doesn’t mean really anything other than poor record keeping, especially when faced with a car with such deep provenance. There aren’t very many black plate Sprints around, much less black plate Veloces. For more information and pictures check out the Fantasy Junction sold cars page. I deliberately chose very similar angles to highlight the similarities and differences between these two cars.

Compared to the car above this finish isn’t quite so lustrous. On this one the buumper looks high on the passenger side. Not bad for a 46 year old car!

Sprints look bigger than they are from this angle. Note horizon line reflection in roof paint and hood.

This original interior should be thoroughly documented and distributed to Sprint restorers around the world. Too often upholsterers try and improve on the original look with extra padding, thicker carpet or leather.

Not so surgically clean as the car above but still amazingly tidy for a tiny space that has housed an engine for 46 years. These are the correct green plug wires I referred to elsewhere.

With the money so close it’s simply a matter of priorities which of the two cars pictured above you buy. The restored car probably represents a better value in the sense that a lot of money was spent to get it to the state you see and the new owner can feel good about this. The original car though is probably the better buy. Cars are only original once and the gentle touch of years of careful maintenance and use produces what is commonly refered to as patina, but I am afraid to call it that because that word is thrown around so carelessly in the used car business. The thing that it has it a quality of finish, a sheen that takes 40 years of human touch to achieve.

1959 Giulietta Sprint Veloce. “Documented, matching number, 20 year file.” Asking price was $54,995. Car appears to have sold almost immediately because it was never listed on the website of the seller, who also sold a Giulietta SS last year for about $55,000, and only offers very good cars for sale. Based on their inventory I am going to guess this was a very nice car.

These three sales point to a value of about $55,000 for a 101 Giulietta Sprint Veloce in very very good original condition. The fact that all three cars sold very quickly probably has more to do with a historically low dollar to Euro and Pound, but interest is strong and comparable cars from this period are getting more expensive.


One thought on “Market #17: a trio of sold 101 Veloces

  1. I am restoring Sprint Veloce ARE 159005, engine 10106 02336. My car will be painted white with white and blue interior.

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