Market #16: Veloce-ized clean Sprint

Giulietta Sprint ‘Normale’ Tipo 10102 1493*23260. This presentable Giulietta Sprint has been on Fantasy Junction’s ‘off-site’ cars page for at least a year. The $24,500 asking price seemed high for this car the first time I looked at the ad but I think the market may have come around and this is probably a decent deal now if it is still available at this price. According to Fusi the serial number for this car falls in the 1960 10102 Giulietta Sprint range (1493*21488 – 26200). As usual stated year of 1963 is probably what is on the title.

First impression is good with this car. I like the color, the paint work is, as described in the ad text ‘very good from a few feet away… but not Pebble Beach quality’ and the bright-work is said to all have been re-chromed. There are 28 high quality pictures on their web site documenting every corner of the car, so I can’t gripe about a lack of good presentation. The details of the car are just enough to make you call for more if you were interested. I don’t know that ‘adorable’ is an adjective I’d use to describe these cars, but maybe someones grandmother helped write their description.

Looking good. I like the little mirrors and Italian plate ‘TO’ is for Torino if I’m not mistaken. I don’t usually like the orange turn signal lenses but they compliment the blue on this car.

No show-stoppers here, just a clean straight Sprint. Where’d the hood spear go?

I don’t know if it’s this picture or color combination or what, but the tail light ‘fins’ look more prominent than usual. Door and trunk gaps look good.

I just noticed, this car was made 385 cars after the subject of Special Sprints #6 and the windshield wipers are pivoting from the opposite side on this car. I’ll have to look at more cars and see which orientation is more common. The ad states no obvious rust or crash repairs. Looking at the pictures of the trim and tail light lenses I suspect they are all new. I prefer the patina these items acquire from years of being on a well cared for car.

Engine compartment is tidy. Original green spark plug wires would be a cheap improvement.

The engine is a later 105 series 1600 with dual 40 DCOE Webers that is described as emulating the Sprint Veloce, an interesting way to turn the absence of the original engine into a positive sounding thing. Transmission is a later 5 speed, a sensible improvement. Noteworthy under the hood is the incorrect coil placement and scary looking wiring.

Looks like some of the underside received a blow over with some black spray paint. Shocks look new and oil pan is one-piece aluminum type found on 101 Normales through 1965.

Originally this horn button was an SS item, but most 101’s I’ve seen have it. Very nice dash all the way around.

Seats from an early GTV maybe? Steering column cowl painted body color is a bit freaky, they are usually wrinkle black.

Although unoriginal in some respects, the car is nice, needing nothing to be enjoyed. Fantasy Junction seldom messes around with poor quality cars in the low end. It doesn’t make sense for a company known for $500K + cars to risk their reputation on a car they only stand to make $2500 on. Based on this alone I’d guess this car is everything it is presented as being and maybe more. Well worth a test drive.


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