Suspension #3: rear axle rebound straps

Rebound limit straps are very important, if the rear axle were allowed to rebound freely away from the body without them, due to a large bump, the single nut at the upper end of the shocks is the next limiting devise. This nut is small and the sheet metal it mounts the shock to is not thick so damage to this area is easily possible. The straps are a strip of layered canvas bonded with rubber which is clamped together by metal plates held together by nuts and bolts to form a loop. A rubber bump stop limits axle travel toward the body. Conveniently the strap and bump stop are incorporated into the same assembly.

This strap, although frayed, is still in one piece and functional.

Here it is after the axle has been removed and the end unclamped. On either side of the rubber bump stop are two flat head slotted screws which mount the assembly to the body.

To drop the axle the straps have to be unclamped, unless they are broken, as one of mine was. Once the axle is out of the way there there are two flat head slotted screws which thread into the frame rail holding the assembly to the body. I have heard these are usually impossible to remove and require an easy-out or to be drilled out but all 4 came free on this car without trouble. Maybe starting with an impact driver was a good idea. When I replace these I may opt to use flat head socket screws so the next guy has an easier time getting it apart.

A capture from the parts book shows the correct orientation and where everything goes. Strap end clamp plate towards the rear of the car.

I bought two sets of straps from an eBay seller in Australia. They were inexpensive and the quality is excellent. The second set was meant as spares, but they will go on my subsequently purchased Sprint Veloce since it has homemade ‘sheet metal surrounded by thin rubber’ straps. The rubber bump stops look like the same part as those used on later cars but the base on the later items is flat and these are slightly rounded. The later ones could probably be made to work, but since mine are in good shape I don’t have to try and find out. As usual I media blasted and painted all of the metal brackets and set the fasteners aside to be cad plated.

Ready to be installed. I put these parts in a big ziplock bag and set the bag on my shelf of ‘done’ parts. 32 more parts done, 10,000 to go.

Next up will probably be a full report on the left front suspension, which is nearly ready for the ‘done’ parts shelf.


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