Market #13: Italian eBay Sprint Veloce

I love Italian eBay. Spending an hour or two some quiet evening with a glass of red wine (Barolo or Amarone works best) and a fast internet connection, looking through page after page of interesting cars, most of which never made it to the US, is both great fun and a learning experience. I tend to forget that at one point all the cars on the road were what we now call old and in places like Italy and France, this means that there are still lots of clean original interesting old cars looking for new homes. I suppose eventually even the supply in these countries will run out. Someday, before they are all gone, I’m going to go to Italy, buy a one owner perfect original Giulietta TI, preferably a 56 or 57 model, tour around in it for a month then ship it home.

I came across this car during my last window shopping spree on Italian eBay. A restored 1962 Giulietta Sprint Veloce in Vespolate, a village about an hour south-west of Milan. Italian eBay auctions are different from American auctions, they are more like an advertisement in the back of a classic car magazine, giving only the minimum information about the car and an email and phone number to call if you are interested.

Celeste SV pensively poses for photos outside the gates of the biggest house in the village. Maybe my next owner will drive me more…

From the camera-phone pictures I would say this is a straight presentable car. In the first picture the grills, bumper and headlight rings all appear exactly as they should be. The car sits right and all the door gaps, panel gaps etc all look right. Nothing can be seen of the interior and no mention is made of the condition or originality of the engine. If you are interested in this car I hope you speak, or know someone who speaks Italian. I believe the text of the auction indicates that this car is a restored one owner car and that pictures of the restoration process are available. Italy’s tradition of craftsmanship has survived globalization and a fantastic standard can still be achieved with a car like this, so if you are serious about a top dollar (I feel like that should be changed to top Euro) car in a great period color this is probably worth following up on.

This could be a period photograph. It’s amazing that you can tell this is a pretty good car from such low quality pictures.

Not another car in sight. When I visited Canonica it was similar.

This picture is actually pretty good. The horn ring is just visible, and in addition to all of the rear trim and lights looking great, you get a peak at the inside of the wheel well that looks good.

Opening bid, or buy it now, or whatever is 45,000 euros, close to $70,000 US at the time of writing. This is very strong money for a late Veloce and I expect it is a very nice car, and I would make the trip Vespolate if I were serious about it. Fantasy Junction has sold two later Sprint Veloces like this one in the last few months, one for $51,500 and one for $57,000 asking, so I think the asking price of this car may be a little high. I’ll keep an eye on it.


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