Market #11 1965 Sprint 1300 project

Sold! This car ended on 5/20/08 for $5300. A decent buy for parts if nothing else. I imagine the buyer and seller will both be pleased. I am wondering if the success of this sellers last 2 Sprint projects is bringing more cars out of hiding, and if the market has the capacity to digest any more Sprints at these strong prices. I guess we will see since there has been a seeming steady stream of them the last two months.

Giulietta Sprint 101 10102*385744, engines 00102*33631 and 00536*17120. A third project Sprint from the eBay seller out of Newport Beach, though not nearly as nice as the prior two. Body has some very serious though not terminal rust and everything needs rebuilding, which detracts significantly, but the car appears to be complete and unhit which is good. According to Fusi, the two engines that come with the car are a 1600 from a 67 Giulia Sprint GT that is installed, and an 00102 1300 from a 1962 Giulietta Sprint or Spider. Since the 1300 is not the original engine for the car I would stick with the 1600. If it can’t be original, it might as well be fun.

Car doesn’t look too bad in this picture. Grills, bumper and light rings all appear to be fine. There is probably $1500 – $2000 worth of value in those parts alone. I am not sure if the sill plates are original.

As with the front, the back doesn’t look bad. These later cars had the license plate mount as seen here rather than the ‘airplane’ center trim piece and little plate brackets. Bumper looks to have been bumped a few times.

Typical ratty interior a project Sprint usually has. Turns out I have these exact seats, color and all in my 59 Sprint. I’ve been wondering where they came from. Gauge cluster and general dash layout in these late Sprints is not as stylish as the earlier cars, but most of it is common to several other cars in the line-up including the 2600 Sprint. Rear-view mirror with black wrinkle finish housing and chrome frame is a very nice piece.

Lot’s going on under the hood including the original (I hope) red paint. GTV engine without dual webers. I bet that carb on there is the stock unit from the original 1300 and it hasn’t been jetted to suit the 1600. At least they didn’t add a booster.

Underside looks pretty bad to me, but reproduction panels are readily available as are specialists ready to take your money in exchange for some grueling work. All the drive-train components look to be present and hooked up.

Daylight viewed through holes in a Sprint trunk floor is unremarkable. At least the fuel filler door, hood prop and ‘belt’ to hold the jack in place are present.

I like the mirror. Not sure what happened to the body here, but with all the metal work to repair the rust that needs to be done, half of this would have been cut away anyway.

This seller has a knack for putting together a well presented auction. I have asserted several times that a well done auction is worth a lot, and a business could probably grow around buying poorly represented cars with minor problems off eBay then detailing them, fixing any cheap minor problems then putting them back on eBay with a quality presentation.

I’d like to see this car get $6000. It is easily worth that in parts. As a restoration candidate, it is a fairly rare car, but it will take the right person to go for it. These late Giulietta Sprints can be purchased out of Europe for reasonable money and if this is the car you really want, shipping one in will be a lot easier and ultimately cheaper than dealing with this car. As always, I’d like to see this car fixed up and put back on the road, it is probably not too bad to be someones rolling restoration, but to even get to that point is likely to be several thousand dollars if the engine runs good.


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