Market #10: Shiny red 10102 Sprint ‘Driver’

Sold! This car ended on eBay at $12,301.57 on 5/17/08. I said it wouldn’t be a bad deal for less than $12K, hopefully I am right. Another curious aspect is there were no questions answered and added during the auction. If I were bidding I would have asked a lot of questions. Compare this car to Special Sprints #3 and you get a sense of what Giulietta buyers want. As always, we’ll see if the auction sale is final.

Giulietta Sprint ‘Normale’ 10105 1493*20428. Seller lists the car as a 1961, but Fusi says it falls in the 1959 101 Sprint number range. There is actually no real information in the sellers description other than paint and interior were ‘done to driver standard’ and most chrome work was recently done. These are items whose quality can vary wildly, so I would want someone to look at the car in person for me. The information in the eBay ad is so scant I would have to send an email with a tiresome list of questions if I was interested in buying.

The condition of this car is very interesting. It looks great at first flush, and someone who is new to these cars would be wowed by all the shiny stuff, but if you know how these cars are supposed to be that wowing slowly gives way to uncertainty. I am going to critique this car, comparing it with originality, but one has to remember that there were about 35 years in this cars life when any sort of non-mechanical parts were simply unobtainable for most people and this car looks to have been put together from what was on hand during this period. If it wasn’t for this approach, this car probably would have been scrapped a long time ago

Nice looking car for the right price. Wheels are later 105 Giulia Sedan or GT items. I wonder if the hub caps had to be modified to fit? I think the marker lights are Fiat 500 items.

Steering wheel doesn’t look too bad, the center button, used to flash the high beams, is crazed and needs replacing, not an easy job.

The work that has been done on the interior is essentially all the easy stuff. Headliner is not correct in black, but presentable. Seats are done in medium gray in an ‘American car bucket seat’ style and while presentable, tasteful and usable, are wrong on wrong. Door panels are missing the hard to get Sprint door pulls and are reupholstered to match the seats. Gauges are very yellow which makes them very difficult to read at the best of times, impossible at night. Refreshing the gauges is an $800 – $1000 job. The rear view mirror is a Spider item, worth more than the Sprint item, but another hassle to deal with. The carpet installation looks like an amateur home-made job with none of the factory fitting around the shift boot and no visible finished edges anywhere. Radio blanking plate is in nice shape and is a rare part. There are two stocks coming out of the steering column so I bet the steering wheel is a 105 series sedan item, again not the end of the world and perfectly presentable and usable, but incorrect. The expensive beaver-tail switches are present which is good, but they are accompanied by a series of extra holes in the dash, which is not good. The upside here is one could use this car as is, and slowly make the above stuff right if they were so inclined, and most of the parts it needs are available now.

Seat and door panel upholstery, presentable and functional, perfect for a driver, but needing work to make this a correct car.

Carrozzeria Bertone sill plates are hard to find, as is the trim that is missing here that goes on the lip the carpet seems to be trying to climb over. Paint appears to be flaking off rust on that lip.

I don’t even know where to begin with the engine compartment.

I am going to guess that the engine in this car is a 105 1600 item that came with dual webers. I personally don’t mind the single down-draft carb as it improves low speed drive-ability and gas mileage if set up right. Presence of a 105 series single brake booster makes me think this car probably has disk brakes up front. I’m not sure that the big white square beside the carb is. Again, this is probably all fine for an inexpensive driver and can be remedied slowly over time if the owners so wishes, but is also a big value detractor for this car.

I’m not going to get too uptight about the rust patches in the trunk because I’ve seldom seen a Sprint that didn’t have some. Trunk is supposed to be black in 59.

This is probably the most important picture, and not only because of the rust in the frame rail.

That rust in the frame rail speaks volumes about the approach that was taken with this car when it was fixed up. For that frame rail bottom to be completely gone requires that a substantial part of that corner of the car was also missing when the bodywork started, not to mention what the rest of the car might be like. Florida is a humid place and not very friendly to old cars. I would need a lot of very detailed pictures to be convinced that this rust is isolated to this corner of the car. I applaud that the $35 a pair correct rebound straps have been used in the rebuild. 105 wheels bolt right on a Giulietta but that’s where the easy part ends. Spacers and longer studs are needed if anything bigger than 155 series tires are used and that tire looks like a 185/65 to me and is very close to the frame rail. For any sort of spirited driving I would check to make sure that tire is not rubbing and I’d take a close look at that trailing arm mount, it looks bent in the pictures.

From the back it looks good. Tail lights are Euro market items, perhaps the front markers are correct for where ever this car first went. Reflectors under the tail lights are gone.

I just noticed the windshield trims, front and back are missing. Those are VERY hard to get. If you look closely there is something going on along the lower left-hand edge of the trunk lip. I’d want to see more pictures of this.

There is no keyhole in the button of the drivers door handle?

Again, a very handsome car at first glance, but look closely at the distortion of the reflection in the paint.

I actually feel bad for this car. It is likely the product of rebuild budget constraints more than anything else. If the seller was trying to deceive anyone and make a quick buck they probably wouldn’t have gotten the chroming done, that just wouldn’t make sense. Likely they are aware the car has flaws but don’t consider those flaws as being as big of a deal as they are, and they are taking the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ approach to marketing the car on eBay and hoping the shiny exterior will make up for it.

Parts value alone on this car is still pretty significant so even going in blind a buyer probably won’t do too bad at anything less than $12,000. It does have the potential to be used as is with very little needing immediate attention or as a a nice-looking rolling re-restoration, but the buyer is going to be disappointed if they think they are buying a correctly restored nice car. To get an idea of how much is not original, look at this car, from the Fantasy Junction ‘Cars we Sold’ page. The bottom line is, there is nothing wrong with a car like this so long as you know what you are buying and accept it’s short comings.


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