D&S #4: One piece at a time

I have been gathering parts and trying to work on the SS, an hour a day 5 days a week since I got it 4 months ago. The surprise addition of a well-bought 1958 Giulietta Sprint Veloce in the middle of February rendered any significant expenditure on the SS impossible for at least 6 months and tied up most of my hobby time for a few weeks while I made it roadworthy for the Snowball rally. In early January I had decided that professional help was required and was planning to take the SS body to the media blasters once the weather cleared then to have the rust repaired. In the meantime I rolled the body into a corner and began what I have been calling my ‘one part at a time’ strategy. Everyday I picked part after part from the pile of crusty bits and processed them.

An assortment of finished and partially finished parts.  If you keep at it it doesn’t take long to build an impressive pile.

Processing varies depending on the part. Painted and Cadmium plated parts get degreased in aqueous degreaser, then blasted by 80 grit aluminum oxide blast media and either set aside to be plated or painted. I used a self etching primer followed by epoxy based appliance paint on items that are unlikely to ever see any harsh treatment. For items with a lot of rust pitting I painted first with brush-on POR 15 then primed and spray painted epoxy black. I plan on having a few batches of cosmetic and high traffic items powder-coated.

The rebound straps seen above came from an eBay seller in Australia. He made me a good deal when I bought 2 sets. Luckily the rebound stops were in good condition.

Shiny interior detail parts.

For Aluminum items like the rear brake adjusters, brake cylinders and pedal box I clean them as well as possible, mask off any critical areas like pressed in brass bushings, sealing surfaces or anywhere I didn’t think I could get all the media out of like deep threaded holes. A lot of the bright-work only needed a good polish. I am looking for one each of the door handles and window winder handles seen above. The firewall wire grommet holders cleaned up beautifully with gentle scraping by a piece of hard plastic followed by a quick rub down with Mothers mag polish

Cibie headlamp, tie rod ends and throttle linkage await the finished body.

Throttle linkage is ready to go other than the fasteners needing a trip to the Cad platers. I am considering buying a home Cad plating kit. Would probably pay for itself in gas money alone before long, and I can keep the fasteners for each component together. Nice new ready to go Cibie headlights, a good compromise between originality and function until the correct original Carello’s can be found, a low priority at best.

I need one of these winder handles.

Fuse box cover and horn button came as extras with the 58 SV. I guess buying that car did help the SS project along. The gasket on the fuel send unit cover above is original. Came right off the cover in perfect condition. The window winder handle I need can be seen a little better in the picture above. Todays work: a few more parts.


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