Market #5: Giulietta SS Low-nose 00014

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120-00014, Engine 00120-00024. Available from Heinbrand for 54,000 Euros, about $75,000 when written. This car has 750SS on its build plaque, I’m not sure yet what that means but looking carefully at the engine compartment picture a 750 series Veloce head can clearly be seen along with the separate water-pipe style intake manifold and the headers don’t appear to be the standard SS tubular style. In the picture showing the build plaque a Weber 40DCO3 is barely visible. I’m not sure if the bodywork is supposed to be aluminum but it is described as ‘der ursprünglichsten Version’ in the brief ad copy, which I think means it is a lightweight version, perhaps having aluminum hood, trunk, doors and maybe other parts. Alfa was never one to worry about standardization among its special cars such as the Veloce’s and Speciale’s, so it’s no surprise to me that despite reading claims that all SS’s are based on 101 components here sits essentially a 750 Sprint Veloce Speciale.

Note the driving lamp bar mounting holes in the nose and black stripe. There also seem to be holes in the roof above the windshield.

This car is described as a ‘gute basis’ which usually means it is complete, original and needs everything. I don’t see any headlight rings and the buckets appear to be flush mounted as on Sprints and Spiders, unlike typical Giulietta SS’s which have the mounting face recessed into the fender almost an inch. If SS00001 is any indication the rings are probably aluminum, which means they will be challenging to source if missing. There are some holes in the nose, probably to mount a light bar for racing. Not sure about the holes above the windscreen.
The rear spears lack the relfectors at the ends of the later cars and it looks to me like they are probably aluminum. I’ve seen this back-up light installation before and the license lights are mounted on the body so I doubt it ever had a rear bumper. I like the black stripe on the roof and black lids. Swiss registration.

Although messy, everything besides the fire-wall mounted airbox appears to be present and hooked up. As mentioned earlier, all of the components look like 750 Veloce items to me.

I see rust in this picture, so I know the car is not all aluminum, but who knows where the steel ends and the aluminum begins.

I have been looking at a lot of SS’s recently since deciding to put this blog together and I think this is my favorite. I would make this car mechanically sound, polish up whatever paint and bright work is there, make whatever interior is there presentable and take it rallying. This car may qualify as nice enough to compete in the preservation class at high end events and while it may be more valuable in restored form, ultimately it may be better off left as is. I think I will buy a lottery ticket tonight, and I know what I will buy if I win.


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