Market #3: Giulietta SS vent window option car

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120-177061, engine 00120-01476. Available for 44,500 Euro’s (close to $70K at date of writing) from in January 2008, but now listed as sold. Intrigued by the vent windows on the car, and wanting to see the condition it took to ask this kind of money for an SS, I sent them an inquiry. They replied with a group of low-to-medium resolution pictures stating the car was restored in Belgium by a restoration shop owner for his son. The car has seen little use other than as store-front eye-candy since it was completed. Greig Smith, multiple Giulietta owner, Alfa historian and all around nice guy from South Africa assures me the vent windows were an option available on special order from the factory. The small driving lights busy up the front a bit, but in a good way in my opinion, though I doubt this car will ever be driven in the kind of weather that requires extra lighting.

The lustrous red paint sure looks great in this picture, the reflections along the side don’t hint at any flaws in the panels and there isn’t the ususal distortion around the gaps meaning the body was likely blocked as a unit rather than with the doors and lids off. This is the angle to photograph SS’s at, seeming to elongate the lines and balancing the design.

The abrupt drop of the back end is clear in pictures of this perspective, not the most flattering angle in my opinion.

Tidy well done interior, though red piping is not my thing. Notice they used a vent window knob similar to a 105 sedan. Carpet looks like the same mediocre style in my 59 Sprint.

Another nice angle. I wonder what an SS with a round back would look like?

Clean, no nonsense engine compartment other than the brake booster. Disk brakes under there?

All in all a very nice SS for a near top of the market price. The added value of the rare vent window option is offset by garish red piping on the seats and odd addition of a booster makes me wonder what else is not standard but upgraded in the interest of safety and comfort.


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